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4 Moringa Powder Weight Loss Benefits Facts

4 Moringa Powder Weight Loss Benefits Facts

By Jennifer Athey | | HEALTH, moringa

Does moringa powder help you lose weight?

Moringa powder is making waves in health and beauty communities alike for its claims in aiding weight loss, among other moringa health benefitsYou're probably asking yourself, "can moringa powder really help you lose weight?" and "how does moringa powder help you lose weight?" We've got the answers you're looking for when it comes to moringa powder and weight loss. Lets put these health claims to the test, see what's really so great about this miracle green powder, and use moringa powder!


Moringa powder

So, What Is Moringa Powder?

Moringa powder is created with the dried leaves of the moringa tree, scientifically referred to as Moringa oleifera. This African native plant has utilized for its medicinal properties for hundreds of years. Moringa is a powerhouse of nutrients, including potassium, fiber, calcium, magnesium, essential amino acids, and vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and B2. It also offers 27 grams of protein in a single serving [1], making it one of the top sources for plant-based protein.


How Does Moringa Powder Help You Lose Weight?

Its natural compounds give your body the useful tools it needs to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Moringa powder isn't as a "get skinny overnight" cure, unlike what other health "supplements" wrongfully boast themselves as. Many weight loss drugs use popular ingredients banned by the FDA that cause harmful side effects such as:

  • Liver damage
  • Diarrhea
  • Long term kidney damage
  • High blood pressure
  • Rectal bleeding

Unlike weight loss pills, moringa powder naturally aids in weight loss. Clinical double-blind placebo-controlled studies have shown reliable results that combining a modest diet and light physical activity, moringa does improve weight loss. [2] Moringa doesn't just talk the talk, it walks the walk. Look at the nutritional benefits to understand better what makes moringa so useful for the weight-conscious folk.

Rainbow colorful doughnuts with sprinkles and frosting

1. Helps Reduce Food Cravings

The first step to any weight loss journey is to balance how many calories you’re intaking during a single day. Moringa has a high fiber content (31g per serving) keeps you feeling fuller, longer. Satisfying your hunger helps curb your desire to grab for snacks in between meals. However, one of the main reasons your body craves certain foods is based on what you lack in nutrients. For instance, If you’re starving for salty foods, your body is likely missing water and electrolytes. With moringa powder being so nutrient-dense in a variety of vitamins and minerals, adding a few scoops to your usual meal will help quell your body’s need for those missing nutrients.

Two women of color high fiving while excerising

2. Keeps You Going Through The Day

Moringa powder is also high in vitamin B (B1, B2, B3) [3] and folates. Vitamin B is hailed for its natural energy benefits. Folates are essential for your body to effectively store the much-needed needed nutrients and energy from your food. Imagine making your favorite guacamole recipe, but immediately throwing it away before taking a single bite. Essentially, this is what your body does what happens when you have a folate deficiency. Vitamin B helps naturally ramp up your energy levels, while folates help your body hold onto the vitamins it needs. How's that for a health boost BOGO? 

Healthy black woman smiling

3. Supports Improved Metabolism Functions

As previously mentioned, moringa contains antioxidants. Most importantly, it contains chlorogenic acid (commonly found in coffee beans). Chlorogenic acid is known for its ability to reduce the amount of glucose and carbohydrates your body absorbs [4] during digestion. Meaning, your body isn’t holding onto an excessive amount of sugar and carbs when metabolizing and processing food.

Sleepy after sugar crash

4. Side Steps Sugar Crashes

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted before it's 4PM? There's a good chance it's because of your diet. Consuming foods high in sugar (like your favorite Starbucks mocha frappe) gives us a temporary boost in energy. However, once that rush wears off, you're probably ready to take a nap. Why? When your blood sugar spikes from digesting too much sugar once, your body produces an excess of insulin, causing you to suffer from low energy. When this happens, your body rebounds by wanting more sugar. It’s a tough cycle to break! However, this miraculous green powder also promotes stable blood sugar levels throughout your day. A study published in March 2020 proved that 5 out of 7 diabetic patients had significantly reduced blood glucose levels when they included powdered moringa into their diets. Keeping your sugar levels in check reduces your risk of developing diabetes and obesity. 


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How to Use Moringa Powder

Adding moringa powder to your daily diet is easier than you think. Moringa powder is similar to matcha. It has a very faint earthy undertone to it, but otherwise is tasteless. Here are some of our favorite ways you can add moringa powder in your daily meals! 

Moringa powder smoothie with hemp - Miracle in the Green Moringa Powder

Add it to your smoothies!

We personally love a tasty green Moringa hemp seed smoothie first thing in the morning. Smoothies are extremely versatile! So whatever your go to favorite is, or whatever you have in your fridge, throw it in with a couple of scoops of moringa powder and you're done. 



Moringa powder recipe for sauces and salad dressing - Miracle in the Green Moringa Powder

Mix into your favorite salad dressing and sauces 

Since moringa powder has such a soft flavor, it never overpowers the other ingredients. Try adding this moringa dressing to your next salad next time you're feeling a little adventurous. 


Baking ingredients

Bake with it!

This is the easiest and fool-proof way we've learned to incorporate moringa powder. Just add moringa powder to your other dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking powder), and you're good to go. If you're a chocolate lover, check out this low calorie Moringa cocoa bites recipe


Get the most of your diet by combing moringa powder to your favorite meals. Remember to check out our recipes for new moringa-infused inspiration! 



Can moringa help you lose weight? Yes. Should you rely on only moringa powder by itself for weight loss results? No. Remember to balance your diet with exercise and practice kindness towards yourself! Giving your body and mind what it needs is the most crucial part of living a healthy life.





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