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Women Empowerment

How a cancer diagnosis led to a social enterprise movement.

In 2010, Ify was diagnosed with cancer. She was in her final year of law school and the mother to two children at the time, the situation was devastating.

Ify was exhausted.

It was then, Ify received a care package from her parents in Nigeria. Along with other treats from home was Moringa.

Moringa is a plant also called The Miracle Tree. Moringa is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial nutrients. Ify began to take it and to incorporate it into her daily schedule.

Ify began by changing her diet, she drank several glasses of Moringa a day and even began making her own Moringa based skincare. Slowly Ify began to recover and to have more energy.

Moringa changed Ify's life.

Today, Ify is giving back and empowering women with this miracle tree.  She began a not-for-profit, Project Little Miracles.

Project Little Miracles provides education, awareness, advocacy, services, and support to young women diagnosed with, living with and surviving breast cancer.

Ify uses proceeds from her signature products to empower women and children to achieve a better, healthier life.

One of these led Project Little Miracles to give women in Nigeria small business grants to start businesses. Some who already had business could not continue because of broken equipment which they could not afford to fix thus drying up cash flow.

Give Back Orphanage

Project Little Miracles gifted them small grants to help them resuscitate their businesses and begin to provide for their children once again.

Another mission lead by Miracle in the Green directly benefits an orphanage in Kenya. The orphanage was founded by a woman named Cherish, it began with one child Cherish found abandoned in the streets of Nairobi who was HIV+.

She took him in, nurtured him back to health and raised him. Cherish has continued to care for, nurture and raise 40 more children. Many of the kids in Cherish's care were found abandoned and abused by their parents.

Through Project Little Miracles, these children received gifts for Christmas as well as school supplies.

Women Empowerment Narobi

Ify is far from finished, Miracle in the Green and Project Little Miracles has their hearts on the next mission in South Africa.