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The Miracle In Eating Breakfast

The Miracle In Eating Breakfast

By Cody Barnes |

Living in this day and age consumed by our busyness, the last thing on our minds when we wake up is eating breakfast. Our minds are so clouded with the thought that we have to get ready quickly and get out our door before we are late to work. Not to mention if you are a parent, the extra obligations of getting your kids ready for school, let alone yourself for the long workday ahead.

Well despite all our morning tasks, everyone needs to schedule a time for breakfast into their routine. Numerous research has been conducted linking eating breakfast to great health. Many health & wellness companies are also stating this in their blogs.

Here is the health news going around about the benefits that come with eating breakfast:

Better Brain Function:

Feeding your body in the morning gives your brain the energy to perform better throughout the day. Your memory and concentration will be at its highest performance rate if you gave your body the vitamins & nutrition it needed from the beginning hour after you awoke.  

A Healthier Weight:

Eating first thing in the morning actually makes your body crave less food for the rest of the day. If you ate a balanced breakfast, you will not want a bunch of sugary snacks because your stomach will actually feel full for a longer time. Have you heard of moringa? Learn more about how to lose weight with moringa as well.  


Lower Risks Of Serious Medical Conditions:

Whenever you first wake up, your body’s blood sugar is very low, and it needs to be brought back up to a normal level. This is done by consuming grains, dairy, and fruits, which we all know is the perfect ingredients for a yummy breakfast. Whenever you eat a morning meal you are lowing your risk of getting diabetes, heart disease, and from being overweight. If you want to make your breakfast & body feel even better throughout the day, consider adding miracle moringa to your morning.

Better Health For The Whole Family:

After reading to this point you have learned that eating breakfast has many great benefits. Don’t forget these benefits are not only for you but for your entire family as well. Feeding your children a balanced breakfast before you send them off to school, will help them have the most productive day. Research shows that kids who eat breakfast score better on tests. This is because they are able to concentrate more and aren’t hangry.  

Moringa Drink Recipes:

All in all, it isn’t about having a giant meal first thing in the morning, but it is about filling your stomach with something delicious & nutritious. A perfect fix to our busy lives is making a breakfast smoothie, such as the Moringa Hemp Seed Smoothie. Click here to discover the recipe. Take a sip of our Wake Me Up Green Juice as well. You won’t be disappointed!

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