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4 Ways Moringa Can Help You Lose Weight

By shop Miracle in the Green Admin |

It's the universal truth that anyone with 30% percent body fat is at risk for diseases such as high cholesterol, and diabetes. And losing weight is high on the list of to-dos to help reverse these diseases while you can.

As one of the most nutritious plants on Earth, Moringa is a substance that’s growing in popularity. Alongside its influx of antioxidants and strength-building components, Moringa is an excellent weight loss aid.

If you still don’t feel convinced, don’t just take our word for it. According to a study, rats consuming Moringa experienced a lower body fat percentage over a 39-day period compared to those that ate the same diet without any Moringa included. Not only that, the same rats had less insulin resistance, demonstrating how the substance enhances the way your body uses insulin. Together, these factors demonstrate that the plant could help to boost your weight loss and enhance your overall sense of wellbeing.


1. Its iron content acts as an energy boost

Sprinkle two-to-three teaspoons of Moringa onto your morning breakfast and start day with an extra boost of iron. With such a small serving, you’re attaining at least 32-percent of your daily requirement, giving your body the chance to store it for later. But, how does this help you lose weight?
Well, here's the kicker, your body relies on iron to carry oxygen around in your blood. When you’re iron deficient - also known as anemic - you start to experience fatigue. Your fatigue will arise from the tissues around your body failing to receive enough oxygen. While this process doesn’t always result in significant harm, it does make generating the energy you need to exercise difficult.
Without exercise, your dieting efforts may not result in enough weight loss. When you throw a little Moringa onto your breakfast, you’re equipping your body with the energy it needs to recover and thrive. 

2. With more protein, muscle growth is easier

One of Moringa’s most surprising qualities is that it’s high in plant-based amino acids. As the building blocks that create protein, amino acids have an infinitely important role in the way your body functions. Alongside supporting everyday physiological processes, protein allows you to build muscle. Whether you’re in the process of losing weight or losing weight and toning up, being able to build muscle raises your Base Metabolic Rate (BMR).
Your BMR is the number of calories your body burns each day, without you making any effort. While you can’t rely on it for weight loss alone, it does give you an excellent head start when you choose to workout. As such, if you’re experiencing that enviable energy boost from Moringa’s iron content and gradually building more muscle, losing weight will become easier.
To add more Moringa to your diet and experience its benefits in terms of protein, add two tablespoons to your soup or a smoothie. As it has a delicate flavor, it won’t disrupt the natural composition of your recipe, allowing you to enhance your protein levels while enjoying your recipes’ usual tastes.

3. It can reduce stress, preventing you from clinging to fat

In a world where life is undeniably hectic, sometimes it’s difficult to avoid stress. While unexpected life events can make your heart pound, everyday challenges such as workplace dynamics allow stress to fester in the background. There are multiple ways to combat negative feelings, including relaxation techniques and exercise. But, when you don’t have time for them, Moringa can help you out.
When your stress levels rise over a long period of time, you begin releasing a hormone called Cortisol. Although Cortisol initially aids with weight loss, eventually your body forms a protective response which results in you clinging to fat. Even worse, the fat you hold onto will distribute itself in ways that are harmful to your cardiac health, such as around your abdomen.
Moringa contains compounds the science world knows as Adaptogens. Adaptogens won’t deplete stress entirely, but they will make it easier for your body to weather the physiological effects. As a result, when you’re facing stresses that you cannot mitigate alone, having Adaptogens on your side can prevent you from experiencing the effects of your body clinging to fat. If you want to experience the benefits of Adaptogens, begin adding Moringa to your sandwiches for an easy head start.

4. Its chlorogenic acid content helps your body regulate blood sugar levels.

Another Moringa compound you may not feel familiar with is chlorogenic acid. You can also find chlorogenic acid in coffee, but Moringa allows you to experience its benefits without a sudden energy rush. If you prefer not to consume caffeine in the evening, being able to throw Moringa into some yogurt and enjoy it for desert will allow you to experience the benefits of chlorogenic acid without having a negative impact on your sleep.
Chlorogenic acid lowers your blood sugar levels following a meal. Contrary to popular belief, your blood sugar can rise dramatically even when you don’t eat carbohydrates or sugar-based foods. When your glucose levels rise to an extent that your body can’t push them into cells for use as energy, you begin to store them in the form of fat. In many cases, said fat forms around your liver.
When fat forms around your liver you place yourself at higher risk of cirrhosis, plus you negate some of the organs functions. As a result, you can encounter energy depletion and weight loss becomes more challenging. If you use Moringa to combat blood sugar, you’re giving your body a helping hand. Alongside adding it to a healthy desert, consider incorporating it into everyday meals and snacks in small amounts to experience the full effects.

Subsequently, as a substance that’s easy to incorporate into everyday meals, Moringa comes with numerous health benefits. Whether you choose to sprinkle it over a salad or throw it into a smoothie, you can increase your fat loss, reduce stress-accumulated weight, and prevent poor blood sugar control. Over time, the use of Moringa could significantly enhance your overall health. 

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