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My fav 4 spices

By Ify Nwobi | | Healthy options































Spices are vegetables in concentrated form. They require no prep time and are loaded with thousands of anti-oxidants and healthy phytonutrient compounds. I grew up in Nigeria with lots of different spices where spices was part of a healthful diet. Without spicing up the food, the food remained tasteless and bland. Spices made our food palatable day after day. Back in Nigeria spices weren’t only for seasoning food, they were also used as medicine. People didn’t have antibiotics and cough suppressants; they had turmeric, cayenne and cumin. In fact, many of our pharmaceuticals today are modeled after the healing properties of plants, herbs and spices. They were many native doctors who would recommend one spice or another for one ailment or the other. Food that wasn’t well spiced until today is considered bad food. It is an embarrassment to the server of the food to serve food without spices in Nigeria and in most of other parts of Africa.

Here are my favorite four spices: These spices are very easy to incorporate in every day meals.

1. Turmeric: I cannot speak enough about this yellow wonder. It is found mostly in India. I grew up with curry in 90% of all the dishes I ate growing up. Curry is yellow too and I later found that it was turmeric that gives curry its yellow color. Now having found turmeric in abundance, I incorporate it in most of my meals. I throw it in smoothies and juices. Sometimes, I make almond milk and throw in some turmeric for added color.

Tumeric and tumeric powder.

     ● Toss it in oatmeal or other whole-grain breakfast cereals.

     ● Sprinkle it on sweet potato fries, squash, carrots or other roasted vegetables.

     ● Stir it into milk for an evening drink.

2. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is also a great spice for every dish. It contains numerous minerals which helps remove access sugar from the blodd stream. Shane Ellison, MS, a medicinal chemist and founder of the Sugar Detox, explains how exactly this works. “(Cinnamon) works directly on the muscle cells to force them to remove sugar from the bloodstream, where it is converted to energy,” he says.


     ● Toss it in oatmeal or other whole-grain breakfast cereals.

     ● Make a cup of cinnamon tea every morning.

     ● Stir it into milk for an evening drink.

3. Chia seeds: Don’t be fooled by the size of chia seeds. They pack a powerful nutritional punch. Loaded with protein and fiber. It is a must have in every home.

Nutritious chia seeds

     ● Toss it in oatmeal or other whole-grain breakfast cereals.

     ● Sprinkle it on salads

     ● Stir it into smoothies and juices.

4. Moringa: Moringa is the only plant-based complete protein ever found. It increase energy levels but ironically the best tea for a goodnight’s sleep. Little wonder it’s called a miracle. Processing of moringa is an extremely delicate process. It’s imperative then it’s handles with much care in order to retain nutrients. Moringa can be badly processed and thus turning a superfood into a toxic agent. Shop good quality moringa from our miracle shop for health, energy and vitality. Every home much have this powder in its pantry.

Moringa Powder

     ● Toss it in smoothies and juices

     ● Sprinkle it on vegetables, soups and salads.

     ● Stir it into milk for an evening drink.


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