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How to make Moringa Tea

By Ify Nwobi | | Healthy options

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It sounds very simple to make a cup of tea. However, making a cup of Moringa Tea while simple needs some careful thought if you are going to get all the nutrition it offers. Follows these simple steps:

  • Purchase Oringaa – good quality Moringa Powder is key. Many powders out there are made with diseased and damaged leaves. Some are sun-dreidna and shade friend causing the powder to become toxic to the body. Oringaa is a luscious green color because of the careful and delicate process we undertake to give the top quality 100% Moringa Powder. Shop Oringaa….click >
  • Take 1 teaspoon of Oringaa Powder if you are trying Oringaa for the first time or 1 tablespoon or more if you have tried if before and feel well-adjusted
  • Add to warm water not boiling hot water so as not to destroy its nutritional value.
  • Stir and add lemon or honey to taste.

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