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Moringa Maple-Glazed Root Veggies

Moringa Maple-Glazed Root Veggies

By shop Miracle in the Green Admin | | @miracleinthegreen, energy, energy boosters, family health, fitness, green recipes, HEALTH, Healthy Eating, Healthy options, healthy recipes, miracle in the green, moringa, moringa powder, Moringa Recipes, Nutrition, oringaa, quick recipes, Recipes, superfoods, supergreens, wellness

Root veggies are a great substitute for the classic candied sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are, themselves, a great swap for the regular potato. But if you want to skip the “candied” part and still keep things saccharine, opt for root veggies.

These are carrots, parsnips, beets, and, yes, sweet potatoes. Using a combination of all these veggies will bring some color to your plate. Use a combination of maple syrup and a cup of orange juice to glaze the veggies and bring out their natural sweetness without elevating your blood sugar. Don’t forget to sprinkle with moringa powder!

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