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By Angela Ilagan | | moringa, moringa for women, moringa oil, why moringa is good for women, women's health

There's no doubt that Women's Day should be celebrated. Looking back at how far women have come, every woman did such an amazing job. Thanks to all the women who've paved the way for a better world we're living in right now.

And there's so much more we can do. But in order to accomplish more, we should also look after our health.

Besides, if we want to remain healthy, we have to make sure our body is getting enough nutrients it needs. However, the food we consume daily might not be enough.

But no need to fret. Our mother nature also provides natural supplements we can include in our diet to give our health a boost.

Moringa Oleifera is one of nature's miracles given to us. It's packed with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, great for women's health.

Why is Moringa good for women

Moringa is loaded with a wide array of nutrients best for every woman to consume. It's rich in Vitamin C, A, E, Folic acid, potassium, calcium, and iron.

Studies have shown that pure Moringa Vegetable Powder provides:

25 times more iron than spinach
10 times more vitamin A than carrot
9 times more protein than yogurt
17 times extra calcium compared to milk
7 times added vitamin C than oranges
15 times more potassium than bananas

Top benefits of Moringa for women's health

Aside from the multiple health benefits of Moringa, it's also definitely helpful for women. Here are a few reasons why Moringa is extremely valuable to women;

Good for Woman's reproductive health

Just as Moringa is good for men's sexual health, it's also beneficial for women as it enhances female's sexual health. This miracle herb has a high content of Vitamin E which is helpful to boost lubrication and help tend vaginal dryness.

Moringa can also help reduce inflammation, which is very beneficial for women who are preparing to get pregnant.

Anti-aging Solution
Looking for ways to remain youthful while enriching your body with a high amount of nutrition? Moringa can do both as it helps take off some years of your face and gives you a healthier body.

Thanks to Moringa Oil, which helps slow down ageing and is a quick fix for your dry lips and hair.

Check out our Moringa oil here.

Reduce Fatigue
Women need to juggle various responsibility and task at one time; this leaves us extremely tired. Not to mention the fact that being a mom will drain your energy. So if fatigue is something that your body constantly experiences, Moringa can be a good help.

Thanks to Moringa's highly nutritional content as it's packed with Vitamin A, C, iron, magnesium and other phytochemicals which can help beat fatigue.

One of the most typical causes of fatigue is due to women's low levels of iron in our bodies. This makes Moringa a wonderful fatigue solution because it's rich in iron.

Helps ease anxiety and mood enhancer

Since experts say that iron deficiency could trigger your anxiety, then its high iron content can help manage your anxiety better. This wonder herb also contains a good amount of magnesium and tryptophan, known to increase serotonin. In return, serotonin encourages our body for better relaxation. It also leaves us in a better mood.

Beneficial for New moms

In some other countries, women use Moringa for their breastfeeding needs as it increases new moms breastmilk supply. Apart from that, Moringa provides a good amount of nourishment as it's brimming with Vitamin A, C, and Iron, which both the mom and the baby will benefit from.

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