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What is reverse hair washing? The trend over Social media

What is reverse hair washing? The trend over Social media

By Angela Ilagan | | Beauty and Hair, benefits of reverse hair washing, hair, Moringa oil, reverse hair washing

Reverse washing is going viral over Tiktok. And it seems as if everyone active on social media would like to try this hair trend in the name of having good and luscious hair.

So, when I heard about this new method of hair washing, I was kind of intrigued and interested.

What is the reverse shampoo method?

Reverse hair washing, as its name suggests, means reversing the order of how you wash your hair. Simply put, instead of using shampoo before conditioner, you do the opposite. In this process, you condition first, rinse, and shampoo.

This trend is so unique to me, that I thought it was nonsense. But there's no harm in trying. Plus, the fact that this process doesn't seem harmful so, I tried this hack for a week.

To my surprise, I found this to be a great hack for those who have dry hair.
In fact, this gives my hair a little volume. As I age, adding volume to my hair matters so much since I noticed my hair strand get a little thinner over the years. Additionally, try adding Moringa oil too! It's perfect for making our hair thick again.

Benefits of reverse washing

1.Helps improve hair texture

We hate dull and flat hair. We want that extra volume. That's why after trying this method, I noticed a little change in my hair texture.

Some experts suggest that reverse shampoo helps condition and moisturized your hair without getting your hair weighed down.

2.Makes the hair look fuller and voluminous

Aside from improving the texture of your hair from dull to moisturized without much weight, this reverse method helps our hair to appear fuller. Notice that after trying it, the roots of the hair looked less flat.

3. Prevents hair oiliness and scalp buildup

Some people claim reverse shampoo helps them achieve less oily hair. It even made their hair look cleaner. This is probably because reverse washing cleanses your scalp better than the regular process.

One tip I read is that it's much better to rinse your hair with warm water.

The best product to try with Reverse washing

It doesn't matter whatever shampoo you use, as long as it completely hydrates and moisturizes your hair without the toxic ingredients. However, we prefer clean and natural ingredients to use.


To add more moisture and volume, try Moringa Oil before hair washing.
This trick will deeply nourish hair strands with essential vitamins and minerals due to Moringa's nutrients content.

You can use it as a hair mask or hair treatment. Read here to know how to use it as a hair mask.

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