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No butter? No Problem: 5 Healthy Butter Alternatives for Weight Loss

No butter? No Problem: 5 Healthy Butter Alternatives for Weight Loss

By Angela Ilagan | | Butter substitute for weight loss, health, healthy butter alternatives, weight loss, weight loss butter

Who can say no to butter?

You'll probably agree with the idea that almost all food tastes better with butter, don't you? Once added to any dish, butter levels up the flavor.

Butter, which belongs to the fatty food, as we all know is often tastier and more delish due to its fat content. It tastes so good, it's hard to resist.

But no matter how incredible and tasty butter is, incorporating it into almost any dish that we eat during our weight loss journey can lead to a disaster.

Though butter provides our bodies with nutrients like fat, calories, vitamin A. vitamin B12, vitamin E, and vitamin K, however, it is high in calories which might lead to weight gain over time especially when eaten in high amounts.

So, it's time to rethink what other healthy alternatives you can try to lessen your butter intake.

Here are five healthy alternatives for butter;

1. Olive Oil

Hence, more and more people as well as restaurants use olive oil as a butter substitute.

One of the benefits of using olive oil instead of butter is that cuts saturated fat. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fat, which has more benefits than the saturated fats we can get from butter.

There are plenty of benefits we can gain from monounsaturated fat. This includes lowering cholesterol and better blood sugar level. It may also lessen the risk of having cardiovascular diseases. But always keep in mind that we have to use it also in moderation.

Unfortunately, olive oil has limited use as it may not be a good alternative to use for a baked dish.

2. Greek Yogurt

Just like olive oil, Greek yogurt provides less fat and calories making it perfect as a butter substitute. What we love about Greek yogurt is that it adds some tanginess to the flavor of our baked goods and other recipes.

However, be careful with any yogurt you're going to use as it might add to weight gain. Be sure to use plain and non-fat Greek yogurt.

3. Avocado

True enough, avocado is way healthier than butter. It offers more nutrients than butter. It's just that the color of your baked goods will turn out a bit green.

If you're going to swap out butter for this healthy and creamy alternative, a 1:1 ratio of oil with avocado puree works pretty well.

4. Nut butter

If the recipe you're eyeing to make calls for butter, then nut butter can also be a good alternative. Whether peanut or almond, these nut varieties can provide healthy fat and more nutrition.

When replacing the usual butter with nut butter, a 1:1 ratio works well. Combine the nut butter with oil , mix it together until smooth before adding to the dish.

5. Coconut Oil

Whether baked goods or savory meals, coconut oil can do the trick. On the flip side, the dish might have a distinct rich taste compared to your usual dish. However, the good thing about this healthy alternative is that you can also use this for baking.

What's more, this butter alternative has tons of health benefits as it contains antioxidant and microbial properties. But, be sure to use coconut oil in moderation as it contains high saturated fat, more than butter.

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