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By Ify Nwobi | | Healthy options

Travel concept. Suitcases and signpost with countries.


Researchers have found that taking a vacation can do a world of good to your health. See the six things going away can do for you.

1. LIVE LONGER – Research has shown that people who vacation have a 17% lower risk of death than their non-vacationing counterparts.

2. LESS HEART ATTACK DEATHS – Research also shows that the risk of dying from a heart disease is decreased by 29% when you vacation.

3. BE HAPPY – People who vacation are happier and more cheerful for up to 8 weeks even before the vacation begins.

4. MARITAL BLISS – After all is seems like another honeymoon (except if you are going with the kids) but generally research shows a direct correlation between frequency of vacations and marital satisfaction.

5. FAMILY BONDING – 53% feel more bonded with people who they vacation with.

6. MORE PRODUCTIVITY – Professionals report 34% more productivity after they returned from vacation.

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