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How to Tell If Your Face Wash is Damaging Your Skin

How to Tell If Your Face Wash is Damaging Your Skin

By Angela Ilagan | | face wash, face wash benefits, good face wash, over washing, signs you're using a wrong cleanser, skincare, skincare mistake, wrong face wash

Whether you agree or not, we have so much to say on skincare, especially nowadays when almost everyone is trying various facial products — from serum to essence. But we often skip the importance of using a good face wash.

There's no doubt that cleansing is one of the most important parts of our skin regimen. That's why we should always have to be on the lookout for the right facial cleanser — a cleanser that matches our skin type and also meets our skincare needs.

Why choose a good cleanser?

Our skincare regimen wouldn't be complete without a facial cleanser. This is why you just can't miss this important step. And its benefit goes a long way.

Besides cleaning the face and getting rid of skin impurities, our cleanser is also in charge of controlling excess oil or sebum production. More so, it helps prevent premature aging, and acne breakout, as well as  protects our skin barrier. Facial cleanser also helps ensures that your makeup evenly goes on and stays put all day.

Unfortunately, not all of us can gain the numerous benefit of using a cleanser. Why? It's probably because you're using the wrong cleanser for your skin.

Here's how to know if you're using the wrong face wash:

1. Your skin feels tight and drier after using the cleanser 

Noticed your skin feeling dry and taut every time you wash your face using the same cleanser? It's probably time to ditch that cleanser. Even if you've been using that cleanser for a long time or just a few weeks, it only goes to show that the cleanser you're using is actually damaging your skin.

You might like the feeling of dryness when you're skin is oily. But, dryness and tightness mean that the cleanser you're using is stripping away the natural oils as it disturbs the skin's natural ph balance.

It's better to stick to a gentle cleanser with natural ingredients.

2. Acne breakout 

Started using a new skincare product? Chances are there might be a little dryness and acne breakout for the first few trials or just few days.  Yes, it happens. But it doesn't mean a bad thing — it's an indication that the product is actually working. However, it's not the case for all cleansers. If you notice new breakouts for quiet some time even after your skin has adjusted to the new cleanser — or even though you're using the cleanser for a long time but your acne dilemma is totally getting worse — then, don't think twice, get a new face wash.

The face wash you might have been using now can be overly aggressive, making you produce excess sebum, which leads to acne breakouts.

3. Your skin shows redness and becomes sensitive 

Redness, sensitivity, dullness, irritation, tightness, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots? Your cleanser is a party to blame.

A wrong facial cleanser can disturb your skin’s natural ph level leading to irritated and inflamed skin. This is why a gentle cleanser is a must.

4. Premature skin aging 

A dry, damaged, and irritated skin leads to premature skin aging. Keep in mind that skin natural moisture is our friend. Moisture barrier indicates protective barrier. So, it only geos to show that if your skin is dry, there's a huge chance that skin pollutants and other environmental damage can affect your skin easily which leads to faster skin aging. 

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