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Helpful Techniques To Relieve Stress

Helpful Techniques To Relieve Stress

By Cody Barnes |



It’s something all of us experience at one time or another. Stress can arise from a positive or a negative situation, from starting a new job or relationship to having a family crisis, a financial issue, or struggles at work.


It is our body’s way of protecting itself, and it comes in 2 different forms.


Acute Stress: This is the short-term stress that helps you control and assess a dangerous situation, such as avoiding a car accident. In addition, this stress occurs in exciting situations too, such as riding a roller coaster.


Chronic Stress: This is the long-term stress that can lead to health problems. It lasts for weeks or months. Typically these stresses are from personal problems at home or at work, or financial.


Bottom-line is we all carry too much stress in our daily lives and it’s extremely unhealthy as it causes a number of health issues (heart disease, anxiety, obesity, etc.). For these reasons don’t let it go untreated. If your stress has become overwhelming, contact your local medical professional.  

Here are some great ways to relieve that daily stress.


  • Meditate
  • There are a number of meditation practices that you can learn. The most important takeaway from all of them is to focus on your breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply as you try to clear your mind and focus on “living in the moment”. When you draw your attention to one thing, you forget about your worries.

  • Take A Walk
  • This is great because not only will you relieve your stress, but you will get some exercise, which in turn will make you feel better. Walking inside or outside will give you a change in scenery and a break from whatever was putting you on edge. It's true when they say “fresh air will do you some good”.   

  • Enjoy A Leisure Activity
  • Remind yourself that “all work and no play” makes for a very boring and stressful day. Let yourself have fun, it's good for body and mind. This could be anything that makes you happy. For example, play a game, practice your hobbies, be creative, garden, the list goes on and on. If you feel good, you will have a more productive day.  

  • Sip Some Hot Tea & Listen to Music
  • Have you heard about moringa? There are some delicious moringa drink recipes that you definitely need to check out. Particularly, discover how to make moringa tea (youtube moringa powder). Hot Tea is a wonderful way to relax your body. While you're enjoying that Moringa tea, turn on some music. Listening to your favorite artist and song will help you clear your mind and bring happiness.

  • Yoga
  • Practicing yoga means you are exercising, meditating, and controlling your breaths, which is all great for your body to relax. There are many benefits to making yoga part of your life, and it's as easy as downloading an app for your phone, looking on your cable’s on-demand features, or attending a local class.

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