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6 Simple Ways to Reset your Gut Health

6 Simple Ways to Reset your Gut Health

By Angela Ilagan | | fiber for healthy gut, Gut flora, Gut health, gut microbiome, health, Healthy gut, Moringa for healthy gut, Probiotics for healthy gut, Reset your gut tips, Tips for a healthy gut

A good gut makes a healthy body.

Yes, when it comes to health, our gut plays an important role — it actually serves as one of the foundations for a healthy body and mind. So, when it's out of whack, our bodies will be out of balance too.

What is gut health?

Well, having good digestion indeed means a healthy gut, but there's more to it.

Aside from a good digestive system, our gut microbiome also prevents bad bacteria, yeast, viruses, and fungi from passing into your bloodstream. It also balances the good and the bad bacteria that enter the body. In addition, it also helps our body to work in order.

This makes our gut microbiome vital in maintaining our good immune system and over all-health, which is why a leaky gut can bring discomfort and makes us sick.

Gut-related issues may show up as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gallstones, weight loss, fatigue, chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, mental health issues, and even diabetes.

Ways to restore our gut health

Due to stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and diet, as well as environmental factors, our gut microbiome can be negatively affected. This lead to different diseases entering our body which makes us susceptible to diseases and illnesses.

This is why we need to restore our gut to its healthy form again.

If you started to feel constantly bloated and have persistent digestive issues like diarrhea or constipation, your gut might be the culprit.

More so, it's important to do some actions to help restore our gut. Ready for a health reboot? Let's get started with this simple list to reset our gut.

1. Avoid sugar and processed food

As you may know, sugar and processed food won't do good not just for your gut, but for your overall health as well.

Sugar and processed food can harm our gut flora as it diminish tons of beneficial bacteria. Eating excessive sugar can also lead to inflammation, so steer clear of it.

2. Manage stress well

Notice why you experience diarrhea and stomach discomfort when you're stressed out. This is because our stress hormones can directly influence the trillions of bacteria in our body—it messes with our digestive system.

Moreover, stress makes bad bacteria more pathogenic — in a simple sense, it makes bad bacteria even worse.

Take note that there are so many benefits when we can manage our stress well. This also has a positive impact on our gut microbiome.

3. Eat a wide variety of plant-based food

There's so much we can say about eating a wide range of healthy plant-based food for our overall health.

Plus, a study has shown that eating nutrient and high-fiber food such as vegetables and fruits can improve gut bacteria within just two weeks.

4. Increase intake of high-fiber food

Tons of microorganism lives in our gut and these bacteria actually feed on fiber. Eating fiber-rich food helps our gut produce essential nutrients our bidy needs.

Moreover, it's amazing how eating food rich in fiber feeds good bacteria in our gut, it also balances gut bacteria, and helps our gut lining intact. It is the key to healthier digestion.

5. Go for probiotics

Aside from fiber and plant-based food, probiotics can also do wonders in resetting your gut to its healthier form.

One of the benefits of probiotics is that they help balance the good bacteria in our digestive system, it also helps prevent diarrhea, boost our immune system, and may also reduce some digestive disorder.

What's more, probiotics may also work in losing belly fat and shedding weight.

You may want to drink probiotic supplements, and probiotic drinks, and eat fermented food.

6. Add Moringa to your diet

These wonder herbs and nutrient-dense food are actually rich in fiber which helps the gut. It has also been shown to have a positive effect on treating some stomach disorders, gastritis, constipation, and even ulcerative colitis. This is because of its antibacterial and antibiotic properties which may impede the growth of bad bacteria.

Moringa can do more than improve your healthy gut, check out this blog about the many positive effects of Moringa on our health.

And don't forget to boost your water intake too. Moreover, since there are plenty of reasons which contribute to these digestive discomforts, it's better to consult a physician.

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