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Surprising Health Benefits of Gratitude

Surprising Health Benefits of Gratitude

By Angela Ilagan | | Being grateful, Gratefulness, gratitude, Health, health benefits of gratitude, Mind and body, Thank you, Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to express gratitude and it's a wonderful time to reflect on the blessings we take for granted. But this kind of atmosphere should not only be limited during Thanksgiving but can also be done in our everyday life.

Having a sense of gratitude is one of the most positive habits we can cultivate in our daily life. Though being grateful might be easy for some, it takes a long time of continuous exercise for others. And I belong to the latter. Not that it's hard for me to be thankful, but I realized that I have the wrong perspective about it.

Back then, I viewed gratefulness as saying "Thank you" at all times. Not realizing that it's way more than that. Being grateful also means intentionally looking at and appreciating the positive, the good, and the beautiful things out there.

If we can have a deeper understanding of gratefulness, our world can probably be ten times more beautiful than now.

And there's so much reason we can be grateful for anyway, isn't it?

Moreover, having a sense of gratitude has tons of incredible health benefits as well. It's good for the mind, the body, and your heart as well.

Here are a few of the positive effects of being grateful daily;

1. Being grateful makes you feel good and happier

Having a sense of gratefulness is the ultimate way to boost your happiness and makes you feel good afterward.

Notice that when you focus on the good and beautiful things, you tend to feel much better. It's because when we have a deep sense of thankfulness, our physical health reflects it. As we become grateful, our bodies produce various positive and rewarding chemicals that have positive effects on our bodies.

2. Gratitude promotes better mental health

Being thankful is interconnected to happiness and fulfillment — more so, these positive emotion has a great impact on our psychological health.

This is probably why some studies suggest that those who are thankful are found to be happier and healthier.

Moreover, when we are feeling grateful, it activates our brain's neurotransmitters which boost our mood and release the "love hormone" called oxytocin is known to regulate positive emotional responses.

3. For better sleep

We sleep better when we're happy, don't we? This applies to me, I don't know about you. But oftentimes, when I don't have any negative emotion that lingers in my heart, I tend to have a better and longer sleep.

This can be backed up by some research as well. In a study, researchers found that those who have a higher sense of gratitude has quality and quantity of sleep.

4. Good for the heart and overall well-being

Being grateful gives you better mental health and sleep, this can also promote a healthier heart and overall well-being.

In a study conducted on 186 patients with heart failure, these individuals hasn't experienced shortness of breath and fatigue yet — they found out that those who has the attitude of being grateful and those who kept their gratitude journal for eight weeks turned out to have less inflammation and healthier heart rhythm.

Though no proven evidence that directly links gratefulness and a healthy heart, some studies somehow show having a sense of gratefulness improves heart health.

Love + miracles,



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