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5 Keys To Celebrate Your “Mom-Bod”

5 Keys To Celebrate Your “Mom-Bod”

By Angela Ilagan | | Mom, mom-bod, postpartum body, self-care, self-love

You're probably wondering when your stomach will ever go back to normal — no stretchmarks and no belly.

Truth is, the postpartum body is real. Your body has changed a lot after becoming a mom.
In fact, getting your 'pre-baby' body back isn't easy. What's more, some moms won't be able to get that body back.

But, so what? What's wrong with your mom-bod? It's time to be proud of your battle scars. Those are proof of what you went through — how you birthed and take care of human life. Isn't that amazing?

Though it was already August, Mother's day was over. But still, motherhood should be celebrated daily.

Here are some keys to celebrate your "Mom-bod"

1. Remember your worth 

One thing is for sure, your worth isn't based on your physical feature, whether you gained so much weight after giving birth or despite those stretchmarks. 

Your value shouldn't be connected to something superficial. But imagine how amazing you went through just to give a life and nurture that life. Not everybody can do that.  Pour positive thoughts all the time you face insecurities. Be proud!

2. Compliment yourself 

Reminding you of these truths: you are beautiful, magnificent, wonderfully made, stunning, and giving birth to a new life is meaningful.

It's time to compliment yourself. If you need a little encouragement and there's no one to turn to, just give yourself a tap on the back or hug your baby. Sure it helps. You don't always need other people to complement you. It should start within you.

Because no compliment is enough if you're doubtful. Decide to believe and start deep within you the positive words you want to hear.

3. See yourself as how your kids sees you

You might not be able to apply this if your kid is still an infant, of course. But for sure, your little miracle is so grateful to you for nurturing her.

Kids see their mom as the most beautiful. And I guess, you too.
No matter how old we get, we can't deny the fact that our mom is still the most beautiful. And just as that, regardless of your body condition after giving birth, you are incredible and lovely through your kid's eyes. Isn't that enough to make you feel beautiful even with your postpartum body?

4. Give yourself some time 

Sure, adjusting from a flat tummy to a mom-body takes time. It doesn't happen overnight. So, give yourself some time. Don't beat yourself up.

Get in shape if you want and if you have time. It's important to stay active anyway. But don't rush. Don't overwhelm your body trying to get that pre-baby body back.

Guess what? It takes weeks, months, and even years to get that body back. Reminding you that healing and recovery take time.


5. Buy new clothes that fits your body 

There's no point comparing your postpartum body to celebrities who got their body back as soon as giving birth. For sure, they have the budget, time, and coaches who will train them.

So, let's just focus on the present. Buy yourself new clothes and still make yourself active until such time your new clothes are too big for you.
Consistent efforts will pay off. Be patient. Love your body, mumma.

Love + miracles,



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