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High-Calorie Foods You Should Avoid For Weight loss

High-Calorie Foods You Should Avoid For Weight loss

By Angela Ilagan | | Diet, food highest in calories bad for weight loss, Health, high-calorie foods, highest calorie foods, weight-loss, Worst food for weight loss

 Excessive calorie intake plus physical inactivity is equal to weight gain   and overtime can lead to obesity and diseases. 

Studies have shown that consuming excessive high-calorie, high-sugar, and high-fat food can lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, gallstones, bone diseases, and even certain types of cancer in the future. 

So, if you're on a roll to reach your ultimate weight and health goal by losing that extra pounds  then it's crucial to make smart choices to your food choices. 

Don't let your effort go down the drain by consuming high-calorie and low-in-nutrient foods and drinks. Here are the worst high-calorie food that you need to avoid for weight loss; 

1. Snacks (French Fries, Onion Rings, and Potato Chips)

Love fried fries and chips for snacks? Unfortunately, it's high in sodium and fat, which are empty calories. So,  if you love snacking, hope not in too much, it’s best to eat it plain or boiled. or just go with boiled sweet potato instead. Yum!

2. Sugary drinks 

As you may know already, sugary drinks contains a large amount of fructose. Drinks with large amount of sugar increases it's calorie content which has no additional nutritional benefit. Not to mention the fact that consuming these sugary drinks regularly and in high amount can lead to diseases. 

3. Processed meats

Due to high amounts of added fat, salt, or sugar in processed meats, these food can be higher in calories which is not good for our body. Please avoid even super red meats. 

4. Ice Cream

We all love this creamy dessert, however, eating ice cream too much or daily can make you gain some pounds due to it's high amount of sugar and fat. Probably you can reward yourself at times. 

5. Pizza

Toppings, sauces, sodium, and some pizzas also contains sugar which makes this favorite food a high calorie meal. 

6. Alcohol (especially beer) 

Beer-lover? Studies have shown that those who are beer-drinkers have bigger waist circumference and has higher BMI due to its high carbohydrate and calorie content.  

On top of that, alcohol in facts limits your body from burning those fat, causes hunger pangs, and it can even result to poor choices when it comes to food. 

7. Candy bars 

Foods high in added sugar just like candy bars and sugar are sure way to weight gain in an unhealthy way. These food offer no nutritional value and just harms your body in the long run. 

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