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4 Ways You're Showering the Wrong Way

4 Ways You're Showering the Wrong Way

By Angela Ilagan | | reasons why you're probably showering wrong, Shower, shower mistakes, Skin, skincare, why you're showering wrong

Nothing beats a relaxing shower no matter what time of the day. Taking a bath has numerous benefits. It helps clean our skin and removes dirt, bacteria, and other irritants. Showering has also been shown to relieve stress, and cold, and alleviate muscle aches. 

And since taking a bath has been a part of our daily life, we're probably an expert, isn't it? But what if you've been doing it wrong? Despite its benefits, if we keep making tons of shower mistakes, it might cause our skin more harm than good.

With that, here are the most common showering mistakes you probably do not even know you’re making

1. You're showering too long and too often 

Of course, there’s no need to argue about the importance of hygiene. Taking a shower daily as experts suggest is totally fine. However, when it's too much and too long, it might be bad for the skin.

If you take a shower three times a day due to the heat, you might have to relieve the heat, but this may dry your skin and might lead to other skin dilemmas. Some skin experts only recommend taking a shower at least two to three times a week.


2. You're using washcloth or loofah


Loofah and washcloth are often used to exfoliate or scrub the skin to remove dead skin. But loofah especially the plastic one raises several questions about hygiene. since it can act as a reservoir for bacteria. Much more, using a washcloth and loofah can also irritate dry skin.

Dermatologists suggest cleaning the washcloth or loofah well before and after using it.

3. Your shower is too hot 

Yes, there's nothing better than a hot shower, especially during winter, however, anything too much is always a bad thing. The same goes with the temperature of water whenever we shower, too hot and too cold could negatively affect your skin. 

With hot showers, it may result in skin redness, peeling, and dryness as it disrupt your skin's natural moisture balance. 

4. You're using harsh ingredients 

Just like with what you consume, it’s also a must to check the ingredients of the products you use on your skin. In fact, shower soaps that contain harsh and certain kinds of chemicals have been shown to irritate the skin, dryness, may lead to other skin trouble, and may also be even linked to other medical problems even cancer. 

So, be sure to use natural ingredients safe for the skin and body. 

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