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Why You Need to Start Complimenting Yourself

Why You Need to Start Complimenting Yourself

By Angela Ilagan | | benefits of self-compliments, compliment, health benefits of complimenting ourself, self-care, self-compliments, self-love, self-praise, Self-praise benefits, why we need to compliments ourself

One compliment can get you through a bad day.

No matter how horrible or stressful your day is, receiving compliments has the power to put a smile on your face from earlobe to earlobe. A simple compliment from others has the power to make our day.

This is because we all love hearing sincere and genuine compliments — our ego booster.

In fact, studies have shown that receiving compliments carry the same feeling and social reward as being given a monetary gift. It's because compliments stimulate one of the reward areas of the brain called Striatum, which in turn makes us and others feel good.

And there's no doubt that it's great to send someone a compliment but, you shouldn't miss out on appreciating yourself too.

Don't ever underestimate the importance of saying compliments to yourself. Here are some of the many reasons to compliment yourself today:

1. You know yourself better than anyone else

First of all, the person who knows you the most isn't someone else, but you alone. You know your inner thoughts, you know yourself in ways no one else does. So, if you know to yourself that you deserve a "good job" for doing something good, then begin to compliment yourself.

2. You are important

Just in case you forgot to tell yourself lately, it's time to remind yourself that you're important. You are awesome. You are valuable. You are loved. You are special.

This is not just a compliment. It's true. And recognizing yourself as someone important doesn't mean you're prideful. It's only gives emphasis on the fact that each of us is important.

So if ever you feel unworthy, feeling guilty, or perhaps you thought that your efforts are not enough, turn those negative thoughts around by knowing your worth and by saying good things about yourself.

3. You deserve to be the first person to give yourself a praise

Sometimes, it leaves us frustrated when someone didn't notice our effort. That's why we don't always need to wait for our partner, kids, family, friends, and other people to compliment us. It must start within us.

If you did more than what you've been doing, if you work harder, and just keep going even if the task is hard then you deserve to give yourself some kind words.

You can't expect other people to notice every bit of effort and changes happening to us.

4. Genuine self-praise is self-care and self-love

Giving yourself a genuine compliment is a form of self-care and it's the first step to self-love. Look in the mirror and try to find anything good or beautiful things about you. Compliment yourself for that. When you do that, you'll become happier. And as a result, you'll feel less insecure and more confident of yourself.

5. It boosts your self-esteem

Is your self-confidence running low? Build up your self-esteem by saying good things about yourself.

Know that confidence always comes from the inside. It's how we look upon ourselves. And it's also what we tell about ourselves in the process, as long as it's not making you feel arrogant and boastful.

6. Makes you feel good and brings positivity

Just as how you feel good when others say positive things about you, try to see how self-compliments can make you feel happy and positive too.

Remember that you can be your source of happiness and positivity.

7. Boost performance

It was revealed in a study done in 2012 that compliments can boost performance. Based on the study, the group who happened to receive direct compliments carry out their task better than the other groups.

Compliments fuels motivation for us to do better. That's why kind words to others and ourselves can go a long way.

Begin saying compliments and discover for yourself how satisfying it will make you feel.

Love + miracles,



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