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What to Do After Sleeping In Your Make Up.

What to Do After Sleeping In Your Make Up.

By Ify Nwobi |

We have all been there before. You come in from a late night, and you just don't feel like washing your face and taking off your make up. If you ever find yourself in this situation, we have the steps you need to help you avoid unnecessary breakouts, clogged pores, and irritated eyes.

When it Comes to lipstick.

Now when it comes to lipstick it can be a hidden blessing in disguise, yes you probably have it all over your pillowcase. But it is better to sleep with something on your lips overnight, to avoid them from drying out. If your lipstick is emollient, creamy, or glossy it can help be that protective barrier from drying heat, your air conditioner or even mouth breathing. Now for those of you that are known to use a matte, it is known to dry your lips out. But do not panic, once you wake up carefully remove your lipstick and make sure to moisturize your lips the next 24 hours. 

When it Comes to Eye Makeup.

When it comes to sleeping overnight in eye makeup, you have to be very careful. Sleeping in eye make up can cause your eyes to become irritated, puffy, and cause your eyelashes to break off. No one wants to wake up to overly puffy eyes. 

So if you ever do find yourself in a situation that you happen to fall asleep with your eye makeup on, make sure that the next morning you should use a fragrance-free make up cleansing cloth. If you happen to wake up to puffy eyes, make sure you have some eye drops on hand. 

When it Comes to Your Foundation.

It is important to make sure that you thoroughly clean your skin properly after a day of wearing foundation. No one likes breaking out, especially as an adult it takes you back to your high school adolescents of getting acene. We may want to fit into our high school jeans still, but we don't want the breakouts. So if find yourself the next day, still in your foundation. Here are some things to do :

1. Power wash your face, not aggressively. Your skin is delicate so make sure that you use the proper cleanser, micellar solution to help remove the dirt and oil from your face. Think about all of the things you touch throughout the day, and then find yourself touching your face, now add the bacteria from your hands to your makeup covered face. You need a good wash to your face. Bonus it also helps hydrate your skin.

2. Make sure you moisturize that next morning, after cleansing your face, it is recommended that you have a good face moisturizer. Your make up can dull your skin, so bring your skin back to life. We recommend trying out our anti-age oil, also serves as a great everyday moisturizer.

 So Remember...

It is not the end of the world if you sleep in your make up. Just make sure the next morning that you, wake up and wash your face. We all have our days where we forget to take off of our make up. Just make sure not to make it one of your habits. You don't want to have to worry about skin breakouts or breaking off eyelashes. Take care of your skin, so you can have an all year glow, even when you're not wearing makeup.

Love + miracles,



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