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Top Six Chinese Health and Wellness tips

By Ify Nwobi | | Healthy options



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Here are some traditional eastern medicine health and wellness tips from The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, a renowned school for eastern medicine and Chinese traditional medicine.

1. Eat with the seasons. In winter, the college says to eat foods that are rooted deeply in the ground like carrots, turnips, potatoes, parsnips and other root vegetables that flourish at that time of year.

2. Eat with the weather. In winter eat warm, long-cooked foods like soups and stews, and in summer, reverse it by eating fresh fruit, which is more cooling.

3. Mindful mealtimes are a must. It’s not just what you eat, they say, but how you eat it that affects your digestive health and absorption of nutrients. No eating at the computer or while arguing. Pay attention to and appreciate your bounty.

4. Let it be. Meditation, even five minutes a day of just being quiet and letting your mind be clear, can keep the body and mind from becoming stressed.

Regular acupuncture and massage relieve the body of stress that you didn’t prevent with your meditation. Consider doing these things as a preventative before stress strikes, so you’ll be better able to handle things when they occur.

5. Keep it moving. Keeping blood and energy and emotion circulating prevents blockages, both physically and mentally. Try Tai Ji or Qi Gong for gentle exercise choices like moderate-pace walking.

6. Get spiritual. Connecting with a power greater than yourself, whether through religion, nature or love, keeps things in perspective. Spiritual pursuit is especially helpful during the winter, when we are naturally more apt to be quiet inside.


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