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Day Zero: The Complete list for your cleanse

By shop Miracle in the Green Admin |


As soon as you decide to cleanse, you need the following:

















1. A juicer

We have discussed previously why we recommend a juicer over a blender when you are cleansing. It's because a juicer allows you to drink as much juiced green as 16 oz at a time. This is difficult when you blend because all the fiber remains and makes you fill fuller faster. With juicing most of the fiber is extracted from the pulp and leaves you with pure vitamin rich juice for optimum nourishment. If you do not have a juicer, please feel free to use a blender. If you want to invest in a juicer we highly recommend the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center masticating Dual-stage Juicer Juice Extractor. 


2. You need the GREENS. Any green leafy vegetable would do. Always have cucumbers and celery in the bunch. They are full of juice and will help you dilute the greens. Some of our fav greens include: Kale, Collards Greens, Spinach, Bok Choy, Spring Mix, Lettuce and many more. Essentially, any green leafy vegetable is ideal because it contains chlorophyl when is the most important ingredient you need for the cleanse. Purchase good quality veggies since you will be eating them raw you want to ensure they are as fresh as possible. Stores like Publix and WholeFoods always have a steady supply of the freshest and greenest vegetables in the market.

Wash all the vegetables, cut them up and juice. Add Apples to sweeten the taste a bit. Add lemon or Apple Cider vinegar if you like the tangy taste. And you're good to go. Do not add water. Real easy right?


Love + miracles,



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