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Exercises to Boost Brain Health

Exercises to Boost Brain Health

By Angela Ilagan | | Brain exercises, brain health, Exercise, exercises to boost your brain, Healthy mind

Being physically active doesn't only just affect the body, but it also positively affects the brain.

Studies have shown the many positive effects of exercise on one's mind. It has been shown to help reduce anxiety and stress, elevates mood, improves sleep, for better concentration, boost mental sharpness, may help prevent memory problem, and more.

However, neglecting your brain fitness will lead to a cognitive decline, brain fog, a more prevalent risk of getting a mental illness, trouble concentrating, and you might find yourself having difficulty learning new things.

Let your brain stay healthy through fitness — get moving for a healthy mind. We listed down exercises that will help your brain without the need to go to the gym.

Keep on reading to know the simple exercises to boost your brain power.

1. Walking

Do you think walking is too simple? Think again.

One study has shown the good effect of walking on the brain. The good thing about walking is that it helps increase the blood flow to the brain. This process can lead to better mental function and may help protect our minds from decline.

Build a habit of walking daily for more than 10 minutes a day or at least 4,000 steps daily.

2. Just keep on moving

Doing regular chores, walking your pet, running an errand, and the like are mundane tasks that feel like we're not doing any exercise at all. But these activities that make us move can actually help the mind too.

In fact, it's better than living a sedentary lifestyle which leads to a decline in brain function over time.

3. Dancing

Don't feel like going to the gym but loves listening to upbeat music? Then step up your normal routine of listening to dance music and let your body move too!

It doesn't matter if you're not good at it, just remember that dancing is good exercise for a healthy brain as well.

One study has shown the positive effect of regular dancing in lowering the risk of Alzheimer's.

4. Aerobic exercise

If you find walking no fun and dancing is not your cup of tea, how about doing other aerobic exercises instead?

Swimming, cycling, rowing, and other cardiovascular exercises have also been found to be good for brain fitness as it helps slow down your brain's aging process.

5. Yoga

Aside from the relaxation that you get from doing yoga, this exercise can also be beneficial for your mental health. One study has shown the promising effect of yoga to help improve verbal memory and visual-spatial memory.

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