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4 Ways Moringa Improves Bone Health

4 Ways Moringa Improves Bone Health

By Angela Ilagan | | Bone health, health and Moringa, Moringa benefits, moringa for bones

Healthy bone is vital to maintaining a healthy body.

The bone's primary function is to protect internal organs, allow us to move, provide strength, store calcium, and support muscles.

The role of our bones is too numerous and crucial in our body. However, not many of us give much thought to how important our skeletal system is. That's why many of us have weak bones, yet we didn't even know.

Having weak bones is a greater risk for pain, fractures, and bone diseases which can lead to reduced quality of life as well as limited body movement.

Among the diseases related to bones, Osteoporosis is one of the most common diseases. Moreover, the prevalence of getting bone diseases in women is higher compared to men. This is because women tend to have thinner and smaller bones than men.

Aside from gender, other factors such as age, lifestyle, nutrition deficiency, inactive lifestyle, body weight, alcohol, smoking, various diseases, and medicines can contribute to bone weakness and diseases.

Though many factors can contribute to the various bone problem, especially in women, still, it's not yet too late to take good care of our bones.

Steps to make your bone healthy and strong

  • It's important to maintain a healthy weight. If you're underweight, there's a higher chance for bone loss and fractures. So, gain considerable weight and maintain it.
    • Stay physically active. Studies have shown that when an individual is physically inactive, there's a bigger chance of getting osteoporosis. It's important to stay active for overall health benefits.
    •  Avoid falling down. Prevent yourself from falling as it may cause your bone to be damaged and break.
    • Quit smoking and drinking. Bad habits like smoking and drinking will do no good for the body, these can even actually decrease the bone density in our body.
    • Eat nutritious food. Food rich in Vitamin D and calcium helps maintain healthy bones. There are plenty of other non-dairy sources to get the best amount of calcium and vitamin D. You may also drink nutritional supplements. Though vegetables and fruits already have a good amount of calcium.
    • Drink Moringa. If there's one good source of both calcium and other vitamin nutrients, it's Moringa.

    Here's how Moringa can help improve bone health

    Your bones rely on the nutrients it gains from the food that we eat to build healthy, strong bones. And with the dense nutrients you can get from Moringa, it's no wonder that this superfood called "miracle tree" is also good for the skeletal system.

    Read more to learn ways how Moringa can help with making our bones healthier;

    1. Moringa is rich in Calcium

    When it comes to bone health, Calcium is the most essential mineral to maintain healthy bones. To improve our bone strength and structure, we need to consume enough calcium per day.

    This miracle tree is an excellent source of calcium. Based on USDA, Moringa powder contains 150 milligrams (mg) of calcium per 10-gram (g) serving.

    Health practitioners are advised to consume one food that contains high calcium with each meal. It's because our body absorbs lesser calcium than what we consume. Moringa powder gives your such a good source of calcium and it's easy to incorporate into any kind of meal.

    2. Moringa also contains Vitamin D

    The great thing about taking Moringa is that it offers a wide array of nutrients, minerals, and phytochemicals that are needed not just for bone health but also for overall health.

    In fact, aside from getting Vitamin D from sun exposure, it's also present in Moringa. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in building healthy strong bones as it helps absorbs calcium.

    3. It's a source of Vitamin K

    Moringa provides not just calcium, and Vitamin D, but also Vitamin K. Just like Vitamin D, Vitamin K is also needed to promote better bones. This vitamin also helps in bone formation and prevents the loss of calcium in our bones.

    4. Moringa contains Phosphorus, Zinc, and Magnesium

    To keep bones strong and healthy, phosphorous, zinc, and Magnesium are needed — all of these are present in Moringa.

    Phosphorus's main function is to help form bones and teeth while Magnesium's role is to convert the necessary Vitamin to promote better calcium absorption. On the other hand, zinc helps prevents too much bone breakdown.

    Moringa is a storehouse of these essential nutrients for bone health. On top of that, it's easy and convenient to add to your everyday dishes. Just need to sprinkle in your favorite smoothies and meals.

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