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Here's Why Valentine's Day is Worth Celebrating

Here's Why Valentine's Day is Worth Celebrating

By Angela Ilagan | | benefits of valentines day, Valentine, Valentine's Day, valentines day benefits, ways Valentine's Day is good for you, why valentines is good for you

There's no doubt that being in love is actually good for you — this same goes with celebrating Valentine's Day.
More than the commercialism whoch we hate, the romantic atmosphere, and the sweet stuff, love itself is good for your overall health.
So, there' no reason not to love. And while Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love, then why not make thia day even more extra special?
We listed down ways why Valentines Day is good for you.

1. It's good for the heart

If you're a fan of chocolate, you probably expect to receive one this Valentines Day. And did you know that chocolate, especially dark chocolate is good for your heart health?
 Though, keep in mind that moderation is needed. As you may know, anything too much and too sweet isn't healthy. Plus, the fact that you might gain weight.
Cacao, which chocolate comes from is actually packed with all the goodness of vitamins, antioxidants, as well as minerals. 
Studies have shown that consuming dark chocolate, cocoa, and food that contains cocoa can help improve heart health. This is because cocoa is rich in Flavanols which is beneficial in improving our blood flow. 
Flavanols has also been found to lower blood pressure. It's also associated to boost mood, lowers blood cholesterol, and can help improve our brain health.

2. It's good for your mental health

No one can deny that having a good and positive relationship is key to having a healthier mind and body as it boost our mood, relieves stress levels, and can make us even happier.
Moreover, having healthy relationship can also make you feel better. That's why celebrating Valentine's Day is is beneficial to you as well, as long as you don't overstress yourself with unnecessary giftings, expenses, and expectations which might burned you out.

3. Cuddling and touching can do wonders 

There's no need for an expensive bottle of wine and flowers. This Valentines can also be another perfect time for some physical touch.
There's no perfecr day than Valentine's Day to show more love through touch. Some studies even have shown that simple hugs and touch can do wonder to boost our immune system , lowers blood pressure, relieve stress, reduce pain, and even elevate your mood.

4.Receiving gifts can make you feel good

Have you ever seen someone never felt happy from receiving gifts from a loved one? I bet none. 
It's becuase our mind is hardwired to feel ecstatic and happy when we receive gifts especially from the people we love.
On top of that, receiving gifts can help boost our serotonin levels known as our feel-good hormone. 
As our body releases serotonin levels, our mood jmproves and we feel happier.

5. Helps strengthen relationship

Celebrating Valentine's Day isn't just a trend or a part of every lovers tradition, as we celebrate Valentine's, we are also setting aside time and effort. And an opportunity to spend a day with each other is a part of maintaining our relationship.
Putting a mark on our calendar to celebrate special moments is a chance to show our partner and our loved ones how we care and value them. 
But Valentine's isn't just today, let it be everyday because everyday is a chance to love.

Love + miracles,



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