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Miracle In The Green Product Showcase: All Natural Moringa Facial Cleanser

Miracle In The Green Product Showcase: All Natural Moringa Facial Cleanser

By Reena Enjambre |

Face Cleansing and Moringa Facial Cleanser 

It's still summer, although you’ve religiously applied your SPF every day -- even if you’re just inside the house -- have you also cleansed your face every day like your life depends on it? 

Keep your face clean is a phrase that goes beyond our teenage to adult life. This is one of the few phrases our mom reminded us when we were young which then resonated with us until we’re grown ups. However, the busyness of adult life is far different than just frolicking around when we were kids, there are times we just hit the sack with full make up on because we just feel so tired. Yikes! Guilty as charged! 

Especially during summer, there are tons of activities to do during the day that drain our energy, making us forget to cleanse during the night. 

Benefits of Face Cleansing: 

When you go out or just go on with your day, your face is more likely to pick up dirt, bacteria and pollutants, especially when you wear makeup everyday. In addition to that, dead skin cells build fast as well. Go on a day or two with no cleansing and you can see how the build up in your pores turn into breakouts and more. 

  1. Removing Build Up
  • The most common benefit of facial cleansing is removing build up dirt and other unwanted debris. As we mentioned, throughout the day your skin will accumulate a lot of dirt and build up dead skin cells. Cleansing your face regularly will remove these impurities, giving you a clean, radiant and fresh looking face. 
  • Boosting Hydration
  • Facial cleansing regularly will also help the skin maintain a proper level of hydration by managing PH level and enabling sufficient water and product retention. 
  • When to know if you have dehydrated skin? If your skin looks and feels rough, wrinkled and aged then it means your skin is dehydrated.
  • Maintain Clear Skin
  • Have you ever experienced waking up with a small red bump on your face? At first, it was barely noticeable, so you just didn’t mind it at all and continued with your day. However, on the second day, it started getting bigger--and oftentimes, it’s  painful as well. Then eventually you started to get conscious of your face, you put on layers of concealer to hide it and tried different treatments just to get rid of it. 
  • No one likes acne, but if it’s there, what can we really do? Depending on its severity, it can also affect someone’s mental state, causing emotional distress and slowly deteriorate one’s confidence.
  • When you don’t do facial cleansing everyday, excessive build up on the surface of your skin will cause blockages of the follicles, trapping the sebum, sweat and dead skin cells. Blockage of sebum on the skin will cause bacteria to penetrate the follicle which causes inflammation. 
  • If you want to read more about acne, you can read more about it here.  

Some other benefits of facial cleansing based on www.westlakedermatology.com

  • Regular facial cleansing is essential to keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy.
  • Facial Cleansing helps anti-aging products and treatments work properly.
  • Facial Cleansing helps maintain proper pore size.
  • Facial Cleansing encourages proper skin hydration and prevents the production of excess oils.

You can read more about their blog about it here

How do cleansers work? 

“The normal pH of the skin is between 4.5 and 6.5. When you cleanse your skin, there is an interaction that occurs between the cleanser, the skin’s moisture barrier and the skin’s pH. Soaps contain harsh surfactants that can alter the skin barrier and increase skin pH—increasing the potential for dryness and irritation. Soap-free gel, cream and foam cleansers are formulated to be as effective, but gentler, causing less disruption to the skin barrier and minimal change to skin pH.” - Neostrata 

Why go natural? 

Now that you know the importance of facial cleansing, you might be confused on which cleanser to use. The skincare market is really saturated, there are a lot of products available, but we encourage you to choose an all natural plant based cleanser. Why? 

  1. There are no pesticides residues: 
  • You come in contact with chemicals during the day, when you use natural cleansers you will reduce your exposure to those chemicals. 
  • There are no synthetic ingredients:
  • One thing you can be sure of when you opt for a natural cleanser is there are no synthetic ingredients. These synthetic ingredients may be a potential cause of allergic reactions and even eczema. 
  • Natural products are often from more sustainable sources: 
  • Using natural products can help you improve your carbon footprint and reduce your impact on the environment because natural and organic farmers are more committed or more likely to use a sustainable method of agriculture.
  • Free of harsh and harmful chemicals
  • If you ever wonder why your face feels dry after face cleansing, that is because traditional face wash contains harmful and harsh chemicals that are stripping your skin. 
  • Improves the health of your skin
  • The harmful chemicals may cause more harm than help you improve your skin barrier and heal your skin. Opting for a natural facial cleanser can help you heal your skin naturally and you are assured that the ingredients are safe aside from hydrating and soothing. 

Why use Miracle In The Green All Natural Moringa Facial Cleanser? 

Our Moringa products are derived from the leaves of the Moringa tree, scientifically known as Moringa Oleifera. This miracle plant is widely regarded as one of the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet. You may have heard it called by one of its many names: drumstick tree, miracle plant, horseradish tree, malunggay, God's Gift to Man, Savior of the Poor, ben oil tree, or benzolive tree. 

The Miracle in the Green face wash is carefully balanced to handle any type of weather effects to your skin without over-strippng the skin. Moringa contains vitamins and minerals that nourishes the skin naturally. Moringa contains 4x the vitamins found in carrots and 7x the Vitamin C of oranges.

Moringa is the ultimate gift of nature to us. With this face wash, you get the best of both worlds, having all the nutritions that Moringa has to offer while also having the vitamins offered by the aloe vera plant.This gentle face cleanser softens and hydrates without leaving residue. This product is free of harmful parabens. Toxic-free, alcohol-free, 100% clean, No artificial colors, scents. No dyes. No GMO-sourced ingredients. Meticulously curated and researched to create the best product possible for your delicate skin.

This popular formula is hydrating and it brightens the skin. It gently cleanses away dirt, makeup, and excess oil with this soothing formula. Made for all skin types but especially beneficial for dry or sensitive skin, this unique cleanser is made with Moringa seed oil, known for helping remove built-up sebum without irritating or causing redness.

You can shop our Moringa Face Wash here. 


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