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Miracle In The Green Guide: 16:8 Fasting and What You Need To Know About It

Miracle In The Green Guide: 16:8 Fasting and What You Need To Know About It

By Reena Enjambre |

16:8 Fasting and What You Need To Know About It

In our previous blog post, we have tackled Intermittent Fasting and its different diet plan. As mentioned, 16:8 is the most common of them all because you can do it daily and you just fast for a short period of time (16 hrs). This fasting took the people by storm that even celebrities swore by it, Jennifer Aniston, for one, said she’s following this fasting plan.

Other types of fasting require you to fast for a long period of time, even days, hence, professional guidance is in dire need to follow through. The 16:8 fasting plan, however, is the type of fasting that can be good for you, especially if you want to lose weight. 

In this article, we will discuss more about the most used fasting plan, 16:8. 

What is 16:8 fasting?

16:8 intermittent fasting or 16:8 plan, as what people commonly call it, is a type of fasting in which people who follow this plan will fast for 16 hours and consume their food and calories in the remaining 8 hours. 

How do people who follow this plan commonly do it? 

Since we are often busy at day time and asleep at night time, the commonly used method of the 16:8 plan is to fast during the night and eat their meals during noon. 

To give you an exact time and schedule, people usually fast at 8:00 o’clock in the evening and eat their first meal at 12:00 o’clock at lunch. 

What makes this type of Intermittent Fasting easy to follow? 

Aside from the convenience it brings by following the most common schedule, the 16:8 fasting plan is also very versatile and multifaceted because you can adjust your schedule depending on what works best for you, as long as you fast 16:8 hours a day. 

The 16:8 fasting plan doesn’t also have any restrictions on what meals to eat during the 8 hour window. 

What are the benefits of the 16:8 Fasting Plan?

The 16:8 fasting plan helps you to lose weight and fats, and can also help prevent type 2 diabetes. 

A lot of studies and also Doctors believed in this type of fasting plan, the 16:8 plan. Dr. Jason Fung, for example, is one of the most well-known diet doctors. He has a lot of videos talking and discussing intermittent fasting, its benefits, and goes more in depth about it. 

You can visit his YouTube Channel here and be amazed of how Intermittent Fasting can change your life. 

Journal of Nutrition and Healthy Eating said that the 16:8 fasting plan can help dieter, specially obese dieters, to lose weight without paying much attention to their calorie intake. This kind of approach to fasting can also help with other weight-related issues such as high blood pressure.

There was also a new review published in New England Journal Of Medicine stating that the 16:8 fasting plan may help the body naturally improve blood sugar regulation, as well as decrease blood pressure overall in the long run. 

What meals to eat during the 16:8 fasting plan? 

We know the struggle of not being able to eat anything for 16 hours while following this fasting plan, but you can actually drink unsweetened beverages like water, tea, coffee and unsweetened pure juices during the “Fasting period”. 

Although this type of Intermittent Fasting does not restrict you from eating any meal during the 8 hour window, it is best to also eat healthy so that you will still have the energy to do your everyday work and routines despite being subjected to fasting. 

Moringa infused meals can really help you have energy to go through the day without eating and at the same time help you with losing weight as well. 

How does Moringa help you with weight loss? 

Its natural compounds give your body the useful tools it needs to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Moringa powder isn't as a "get skinny overnight" cure, unlike what other health "supplements" wrongfully boast themselves as. Many weight loss drugs use popular ingredients banned by the FDA that cause harmful side effects such as:

  • Liver damage
  • Diarrhea
  • Long term kidney damage
  • High blood pressure
  • Rectal bleeding

Unlike weight loss pills, moringa powder naturally aids in weight loss. Clinical double-blind placebo-controlled studies have shown reliable results that combining a modest diet and light physical activity, moringa does improve weight loss. Moringa doesn't just talk the talk, it walks the walk. Look at the nutritional benefits to understand better what makes moringa so useful for the weight-conscious folk.

Other benefits of Moringa on Weight Loss are: 

  1. Helps reduce food cravings
  2. Keeps you going through the day
  3. Supports improved metabolism function
  4. Side steps sugar crashes

You can read the full article here


Moringa, a plant that’s native to North Asia and Africa, is here to accelerate weight loss for dieters. Featuring nine plant-based amino acids, enough iron to account for over 30-percent of a person’s daily intake. It is a health-boosting addition to anyone’s diet. For those who want to shed pounds while revitalizing their way of life, its effects are astounding.

With its nine amino acids, Moringa makes it easier to boost muscle mass and repair following workouts. As any fitness lover knows, greater muscle mass means a higher base metabolic rate, which automatically makes dieting easier. Additionally, studies reveal that it helps with blood sugar levels. As one of the greatest killers in the United States, diabetes is a metabolic disorder that makes weight loss exceedingly challenging. With a supplement that helps with sugar levels in the blood, dieters accumulate less fat and reduce their risk of developing the disease.

Read the full article here.

How to incorporate Moringa into your diet? 

With all of those benefits, how do users start adding Moringa to their diet? It’s clear that a little goes a long way, so one of the simplest approaches involves throwing two-to-three teaspoons into a smoothie in the morning and allowing it to work its magic throughout the day. Thanks to its versatile nature, it’s possible to add Moringa to practically anything without altering the way it tastes. From soups to sandwiches, individuals with culinary tastes of all types can enjoy its benefits without veering from their usual diet. 

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