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Change your cleansing, Change your face.

By Ify Nwobi | | Beauty Hacks

It’s been heart-warming to see all the reviews from mums turning to baby products for beauty. We have asked one of them, Lauren, to expand on this new trend. Enjoy the read below.

Here’s Lauren’s story. “I am particular about my skin. I used to use what I thought was the best natural product in the market to double cleanse my skin. So, I was surprised when I began to have some skin irritation. A visit to the dermatologist was an eye opener. Using a magnifying glass, she inspected my skin and found there was still makeup on my face, along the hair line and my past my jaw area. Mind you, I had not put on makeup that day as I knew I was going to see the dermatologist. In fact because of the skin irritation, I had not put on make-up for about two days prior. So where was this make-up residue coming from?

Turns out, the dermatologist has seen many patients with the same problem. Many people do not thoroughly cleanse their skin enough to remove make-up from their face. Make-up residue can be found everywhere, from the crevices of the nose to the hairline and sometimes inside the ear. It was quite common. I left the doctor’s office with tips on how to thoroughly cleanse my skin. Because the Mummy’s miracle baby products were already working for my baby’s sensitive skin, I decided to give the Wash and Shampoo a go and also double cleanse with the Moringa oil.

1. Oil Cleansing: I had heard about oil cleansing a few months prior and had been using a perfumed oil from the local store, which I suspect was the reason I started to breakout. Finding the Miracle in the Green Moringa oil was huge because it is fragrance-free. It’s difficult to find cleansing oils that are fragrance-free. I use this natural skin cleanser first as a make-up remover. On damp skin, I splatter on some of the oil. Then, I massage my face for one full minute. The doctor added that singing in your head could help you time yourself. She suggested singing, ‘Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. How old are you now, How old are you now, How old are you now. How old are you now. Many more years to you. Many more years to you. Many more years to you. Many more years to you. It used to take me less than 5 seconds to oil cleanse but massaging my face with Miracle in the Green’s Moringa oil for one full minute has made all the difference.

At first, one minute seemed like forever, now I can categorically state that it’s the best one minute investment of my day. My skin is transformed. It’s clean, soft, free of acne and literally glows.

Natural cleansers: Combined with the oil, I use the Mummy’s Miracle Baby Wash. Let me tell you it’s the best $11 investment ever. I have used many cleansers and I have found that my combination of the Moringa oil and the Wash has made all the difference on my skin. This wash is natural, free of minerals and cleans your face. I have been using it for my baby but when I hit a road block in my search for non-drying cleansers, I decided to try it because it was natural and great for sensitive skin. It worked so well to my amazement. So, I looked further and found that it contains a blend of skin beneficial oils which tend to emulsify better after massaging it into the skin – a must if you decide to use a daily oil cleansing step. The wash is free of SLS (sodium lauryl/ laureth sulfates) which help lather the cleanser but also disrupts the Ph balance of the skin causing breakouts and irritations. This wash uses other botanical based surfactants for a deep yet gentle cleanse. And that’s why it works. Don’t forget to hydrate your lips with the nipple balm. Yes, you can use it as a lip moisturizer and it’s also fragrance-free.”
It’s so refreshing to learn that our lovely mums have turned to their baby products for beauty. We are happy to know it’s working for them.

Love + Miracles,

~ Ify


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