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7 Ways to Get Dewy Skin

7 Ways to Get Dewy Skin

By Angela Ilagan | | dewy skin, glowing skin, health and Moringa, moringa and skincare, Moringa Benefits, Moringa facial cleanser, Moringa oil, nutrition, secret for a dewy skin without makeup, secret to healthy and glowing skin, skincare, Vitamin C skincare

Forget about overloading your skin with too many layers of skincare product and putting on too many highlighters just to get that dewy natural looking skin.

Dewy skin isn't just about adding layers of serum and using expensive luminous makeup. If you think that's the only option, then what experts say is actually the opposite.

In fact, you can achieve that glowing and dewy skin in just simple steps and a change of routine.

What is dewy skin?

When we talk about dewy skin, most women assume that it has to do with the skincare and makeup we put on our skin. The more expensive, the better. However, skin experts suggest otherwise.

Dewy skin starts within and it means healthy skin. And don't confuse it with having just shiny skin. Not because your skin is as luminous as your highlighter might seem, it doesn't signify your skin is healthy.

Again, healthy skin starts from within — healthy skin from the core will only radiate the glow on the outside.

There are tons of factors that may hinder us from getting that glowing skin, it can be because you don't drink enough water, a poor diet, unmanaged stress, unhealthy lifestyle, overproduction of sebum, sun exposure, wrong skin care, and the list goes on.

Before you turn to makeup and overload your skin with too many many skincare, here are a few tips we learn to get that healthy, glowing, and dewy-looking skin.

1.Drink plenty of water 

Unless you have a kidney problem or illness that has to do with drinking only a considerable amount, then feel free to drink a good amount of water.

Some skin looks dry because they lack hydration from within. In fact, a study conducted says that drinking a regular amount of 2. 25 liters per day is a secret to improving skin condition.

Hence, healthy skin also means a well-hydrated one. Drinking helps circulate the skin which prevents premature aging.

2. Cleansing 

Now that you hydrate your body from the core, it's time to move on to cleansing. There's no secret to getting that dewy skin that a healthy clean face.

Cleansing is a must, especially since our skin comes in contact with too many pollutants, plus the fact that you put on makeup daily so it's important to do some cleansing. Some experts suggest trying double cleansing since you use makeup.

Another good tip we've heard is that using a gentle and hydrating facewash is an absolute must try to avoid dryness and rough texture.

We recommend Moringa Facial Cleanser as it's gentle and hydrating, plus you'll be amazed with how Moringa can do to your skin.

3. Exfoliate 

Exfoliation is important but remember to do it only once or twice a week. Too much exfoliation can ruin your skin.

One of the reasons that block our skin from getting that naturally dewy and glowing skin aside from lack of hydration and poor diet is the build of dead skin cells and excess oil. So, exfoliation will help remove the unwanted dead skin cell and too much oil which can result in more radiant and smooth skin.

4. Use right skincare

If you think the only way to get better skin is through using expensive and well-known skincare, you're wrong. It still boils down to using the right ingredients and appropriate skincare which will give you the desired result.

You may also invest in toner after cleansing and weekly exfoliation. Toner is a must-have since it also helps hydrate your skin. Plus the fact that it contains a good amount of ingredients like fatty acids which help protect your skin from pollutants and other free radicals. But be sure to find the right toner by checking the ingredients. We have another blog post solely about what skincare ingredients are for better skin. Check it out here.

Moisturizer is another key to getting that dewy natural-looking skin without makeup, we suggest using clean and natural ingredients like Moringa oil which serves as a serum and a perfect moisturizer for the skin.

5.Apply Sunscreen 

Harmful UV rays can lead to premature aging. In fact, too much sun exposure hugely contributes to serious damage to the skin, this includes hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. So, make sure to use sunscreen even at home, especially during the daytime to avoid the risk of free radicals and premature aging.

And putting sunscreen actually adds to the glow. Right? It already protects your skin and it also helps your skin get glowing.

6. Have a Healthy Diet 

As skin experts suggest, healthy skin starts from the core. When you feel healthy within, you will notice a certain glow that beams on the outside. Plus, when your body is nourished with nutritious food, your mind and skin also benefit.

Make sure to eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, and food high in vitamins, minerals, omega, and fatty acids daily. This is one of the best ways to get that healthy glowing skin.

Moreover, as you increase your intake of Vitamin C and other nutrients rich food, you also boost your antioxidant intake which can result in better skin.

Also, minimize your sugar intake as it might ruin your chance of getting that dewy skin. Research suggests that high glycemic food may result in skin damage.

7. Boost your skin with Vitamin C enriched food and skincare product 

One of the benefits of Vitamin C is that it helps promote youthful-looking skin by removing fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. There are just tons of health and skincare benefits of Vitamin Enrich food and skincare.

In addition, Vitamin C helps protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and can brighten your skin complexion. Plus, it boosts your collagen production for healthy skin.

Boost your body and skincare with vitamin C through Moringa powder and Moringa skincare products! Moringa is rich in vitamins A, C, E, and other 92+ nutrients which will help you achieve dewy skin and a healthy body.

Get that natural glow with this natural gentle cleanser, Moringa Facial cleanser. And Moringa powder is a must-have for an overall healthy body and skin. Check out more info about Moring powder here.

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