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7 Ways Spring Season Affects your Skin

7 Ways Spring Season Affects your Skin

By Angela Ilagan | | how spring affects our skin, skin problems, Spring, spring allergy, spring skincare

It's spring time! A season where days are longer than nights and days start to warm up.

And as temperature levels began to rise this spring, it might also bring additional challenges to your skin.

According to a study, our skin reacts due to the dramatic changes it experiences as the season shifts. Some of us might deal with extra oiliness and sebum on our face. Not to mention body sweats, which start to increase as the weather gets warmer. Plus, others might experience breakouts.

With that, here are certain factors which can hugely affect and could wreak havoc on our skin this spring.

1.High Sun Exposure

As spring arrives and so are high UV rays.

It's hard not to go out and enjoy the beautiful scenery this warm season. However, not because we just transition from winter to spring doesn't mean the sun exposure isn't so high.

Going out in the sun without using a good amount of SPF won't do good for your skin.

Applying an SPF is a must this spring. So don't forget to bring it with you to protect your skin. Unless premature skin aging and skin damage doesn't scare you.

2. Breakouts

So far, have you noticed any acne flare-ups this past few days? Unfortunately, this is partly because of the weather shift. And sadly, we have no control over the weather. So, we need to learn how to take good care of our skin to avoid any acne breakouts, especially this spring.

As it spring brings warmer weather and higher humidity level so our skin produces more sebum and more sweat. This results to an even more clogged pores.

3. Increase sebum production

Individuals become more active during spring since the weather is perfect. However, spring is the time where humidity levels increase. This results in more sweating and increase sebum and oil production.

4. More Sweating

As the perfect weather draws you in to go out in the park or do something active, chances are that this could lead to more sweating than the usual. Plus the fact that the weather is getting warmer and there's an increase in level in humidity.

5. Irritation

Welcoming spring can't be complete without stuffy noses and allergies. These horrible allergies as well as itchiness are pretty common during this season of the year.

As you may know, spring is the time where trees and flowers bloom. As irritation occurs, you might find yourself touching your face and skin more often which leads to breakout. Make sure your hands are always clean whenever you come in contact with your sensitive skin.

6. Skin allergies

Some might experience heat rash due to the hot weather and perspiration. Others might deal with hay fever, hives, and even dermatitis due to pollen from the air and other factors. So be very careful this season and make sure to drink plenty amount of water.

7. Dry and Dull complexion

Our skin can either become oily or dry in spring. But most often than not, it's the latter which is more common. This is due to the seasonal changes our skin experiences. Winter causes our skin to get dry. So, because of the prolonged dryness your skin went through, it might still appear dull and dry even if the new season arrives.

To know more about how to get better and healthier skin this spring, we have a blog post ready for you. You can read it here. 

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