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7 Beauty Hacks to Get Your Skin Glow and Radiant for Valentine's Day

7 Beauty Hacks to Get Your Skin Glow and Radiant for Valentine's Day

By Angela Ilagan | | glowing skin, good skin, how to get radiant skin for Valentine's Day, moringa skincare, secret to healthy and glowing skin, Skin, skincare, Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day secret to a glowing skin

There's nothing better than walking in with a radiant glow on your special date, more especially this Valentine's Day. And to get that radiance, your skin needs some work.

You know that feeling — it feels great when your skin looks so beautiful and glowing, it's as if you rolled back the years. However, just when you're expecting to have the best skin, the opposite happens. This is true, it happened to me plenty of times. This experience sucks.

And what's more irritating is that even though we can use make-up to cover these skin imperfections, it makes it even worse. 

Make-up can surely boost your appearance, however the most essential element to have that radiant glow can't be solely dependent on make-up alone. Your skin plays a very important role to look the best on your date. Still, having a great skin is the key.

So, here are some tips to get that glowing skin for your Valentine's date or whatever special occasion you've been meaning to attend to and even just for the sake of having glowing skin regularly.

1. Get a regular good night's sleep

No matter how excited you are for your date, it's best to get a good night's sleep not just on the day before your special date but even on a daily basis.

Sleep is important to get healthy, glowing, and radiant skin. A good night's slumber helps repair skin cell damage, so you can wake up with a natural radiant glow from within and you'll actually feel more refreshed. It's no doubt that it's an age-old secret to glowing skin.

2. Boost your hydration

Yes, water is one of the keys to making your face look more refreshed and glowing too. It's because drinking a good amount of water keeps your skin replenished as it delivers essential nutrients to different skin cells. Hydration also gives you better skin as it helps flush out toxins in the body.

3. Eat nutritious and high in anti-oxidant food

Good skin starts from within. Sleep, hydration, and food are the most important element to get that glow you've been aiming for.

And there are only certain foods that can help increase your skin glow — where talking about antioxidants. It's the food that your skin needs.

One of the best roles of antioxidants is that help brightens your skin tone, prevent skin from causing damage, as well as making your skin look healthy and young.

4. Exfoliate

Give your skin an instant boost through exfoliation. Exfoliating your skin helps remove dead skin cells and it also gets rid of the build-up of dry skin. This process allows new cells to surface, which in turn gives your skin that instant glow boost.

5. Use a good face or sheet mask

What's good about using a good face mask or a sheet mask is that it helps hydrate, and moisturize the skin, remove excess oils, and so on depending on the ingredients used in the product.

It's a good product to use when you want these beautiful skincare ingredients to penetrate your skin even for a short time which results in better skin to apply makeup.

6. Facial massage

We've been introduced to face rollers and gems which claim to help us look younger when we can just use our hands to massage our face. Of course, face massage rollers are wonderful. but if you don't have it, just simply use your hand and massage your face.

Facial massage helps reduce the appearance of unwanted wrinkles and fine lines, release built-up tension, improves our blood circulation in the face, and even gives that natural glowing skin. Best part? It was cheap.

7. Use a good cleanser

Time and time again, we heard that a good cleanser is important to have good skin. And yes, it's true. So, if your facial wash isn't doing any good for you, it's best to switch to a better skincare which is natural and gentle for the skin.

Our Moringa facial cleanser can do the trick. It's gentle, natural, and packed with a huge amount of nutrients moringa can offer. Check out our Moringa Facial Cleanser here

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