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6 Weight Loss Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

6 Weight Loss Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

By Angela Ilagan | | health, weight loss, weight loss mistakes

No matter how hard you try to lose weight when you're doing it wrong, your effort might just go down the drain.

Weight loss isn't just a matter of avoiding calories and exercising till you shed that extra pounds. It's also about doing it right and effectively. So, if you see yourself not making any progress or losing all efforts in just a few days, then, you're probably doing it wrong.

There's a chance you could be making one of these 6 weight loss mistakes.

1. Going on Extreme Diet

You may lose weight quickly, but this will ruin your health and weight loss in the long run. During your crash diet, you'll do any sorts of fasting and exercise just to shed those pounds.

However, studies have shown that rapidly achieving your desired result can slow down your body's metabolism. This leads to weight gain. What's more, you're actually depriving your body of the needed nutrients it needs in a day. This process can also result in a weaker immune system and can also lead to dehydration, and heart palpitations, and might even lead cardiac stress. 

Do this instead: Avoid crash diets by eating healthy meals in small portions daily. focusing on whole and healthy meals, and exercising. Try making this a part of your habit, until it turns into a lifestyle. 

2. Skipping Meals

Most of us do diet by skipping one or two meals a day, especially missing to eat breakfast just to cut down on calories. Unfortunately, this will only make us hungry for the rest of the day. When you starve yourself, there is a high tendency that you'll eat unhealthy snacks and eat a big portion of food over lunch.

Do this instead: Don't skip meals. Make it a habit to still eat a meal rich in fiber and protein for breakfast. If not, try to eat only a small amount of food and avoid starving yourself.


3. Eating too many snacks

Can't control yourself to go to the pantry and eat various kinds of snacks? Then, your diet won't work. Keep in mind that a diet is a form of discipline. Mindless snacking could sabotage your diet.

Do this instead: Use your gadget to keep track of each snack and each bite. Avoid buying unhealthy snacks whenever you do your grocery shopping and make sure to hide them somewhere quite hard to reach. You may also load your refrigerator with healthy fruits and nuts instead.

4. Drinking Too Little Water

You won't put on weight by drinking water. So, don't refrain yourself from drinking water. In fact, water is important in burning calories. Dehydration will just slow down weight loss.

Do this instead: Drink a glass of water before a meal and keep on drinking water daily. 

5. Exercising Too Much and Too Little

Diet isn't just about limiting your food intake but also becoming physically active. We need to work out to lose weight.

Stick to doing at least thirty minutes to one hour of exercise daily. 

Do this instead: Just taking a walk daily can bring great results, you don't necessarily need to go to a gym. Do it consistently.

6. Not eating the right and healthy food

Who said that chicken breast and lettuce are all you need? All of these foods are good for your diet. But you can also try other healthy food which will boost your nutrition. Moringa is one of the healthiest plants you can incorporate into your diet.

Do this instead: Moringa powder is easy and convenient to add to any kind of meal whether smoothies or dishes. Plus, it has tons of nutrients and minerals, perfect for your diet goals.

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