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5 Ways To Healthier Diet on Budget.

5 Ways To Healthier Diet on Budget.

By Ify Nwobi |

We have all been there, it can feel like eating healthy is a chore and too expensive. Especially when you are on a tight budget, we are here to help you with a few tips on how you can eat healthy without breaking the bank!

1. Meal Prep.

W\hen most people think of meal prep, they think they have to constantly eat the same thing, all day every day. That is not necessarily true, now for some people, it is. But you should make it fun, and enjoyable. Our biggest problem when it comes to losing weight is what we put into our bodies. Meal prep teaches you portion control, removes the temptation of overly snacking or eating out because you do not have any food on hand. Most of us have done it before, did a hard workout at the gym, and decided to through the drive-thru.  Remember that working out is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise.

2. Make Your Diet Enjoyable, and Work for You.

When most people start dieting, it can be difficult for them to stick to their diet. Because eating pizza is way more enjoyable than eating quinoa and chicken breast. So learn to make your diet enjoyable for you. Look up new recipes, to try. You shouldn't have to feel miserable on a diet. Be creative with your leftovers, if you have grilled chicken on Monday, take that same chicken and make it into a wrap for lunch on Wednesday. Don't limit yourself, just because of your diet!

3. Be Flexible with your menu.

Go to the store with your meals for the week already planned, but also be willing to change things around if one of your meals for the week doesn't match what's in your budget. For example, if you were planning to make chicken tacos, but chicken is not on sale, but ground turkey is . Go for what is in your budget, and be creative at the last minute if you have to. 

4. Buy-In Season and Bulk.

Fruits and Vegetable all have seasons, that's why you will notice in the summertime fruit seems to be cheaper. So it's important to know the season for your favorite fruit, there's a good chance it will be on sale. A good idea might be to buy your favorite vegetables in bulk when they are on sale, you can freeze them and have them for later.

5. Take Your Lunch.

For those of us that work in corporate America, we all understand it is very easy to order take out, especially with things like Uber Eats for when we are working through lunch or go over to the drive-thru on an hour lunch break. Like we stated before, it is easier to cook at home. Just don't meal prep for dinner, but meal prep for lunch as well. Think about how much money you spend a week on lunch, even if it's 5 dollars and some change, once you add that up for the month, that could've been invested elsewhere. 

So do not feel discouraged as you are trying to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself. Remember you do not have to break the bank, to eat healthier. Do it your own way, that fits your budget.

Love + miracles,



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