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By Angela Ilagan | | added sugar health risks, beat sugar rush this Easter, Easter sugar rush tips, healthy Easter treat, ways to avoid eating too much sugar

It's Easter again this week.

Easter brings nostalgia and childhood memories — sweet treats, chocolates, the Easter bunny, egg hunting, and a sugar rush. It makes us excited and we're also thrilled for our kids. At the same time, you can't help but think about the dark sugary side that comes along with this celebration.

And our sweet tooth may go wild again, which leads to overeating too many sweets in just one sitting.

It's a good feeling but later regret binge eating sweets and chocolates. Not to mention your kids' overindulgence with sweets too and your worry about the side effects of consuming too much sugar daily.

The threat of too much sugar

As we may already hear, excess sugar consumption plays a major cause in toothache, weight gain, obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and other diseases.

We can't deny that too much sugar isn't beneficial for our health. So even if eating too many sweets on Easter may not lead to health risks immediately, it's still important to not overindulge. Keep in mind that your blood sugar level may still spike after eating sugar.

Here are ways to avoid the sugar rush this Easter for your children and for yourself too.

1. Eat a healthy and hearty breakfast

Don't swap healthy, hearty, and high fiber food for sugary breakfast. Start your day and reinforce your kids to eat a healthy kind of breakfast. This will reduce overindulgence and lessen their sugar cravings. Sweets are only desserts and not a substitute for a meal.

2. Go for dark chocolate or other alternatives

It may be easy to get caught in the cycle of buying Easter treats since it's a lot easier than making chocolates at home.

So, if you can't squeeze in time to make a healthy kind of chocolate, choose to buy dark chocolate or chocolate high in cacao content instead. Or you may also want to buy chocolates with nuts and other healthy ingredients. If there's none, who says only chocolates are allowed for Easter treats? Get out of the chocolate box and check for other alternatives such as whole meal muffins, wholegrain bread, or oatmeal cookies.

3. Give only pieces of chocolate

Don't allow your kid and yourself to stuff with too many sweets in one go. Spread out the treats in little amounts. It may also be easier to keep chocolates and sweets out of sight so the kids won't keep asking for their Easter treat.

4. Include fruits in Easter trail 

There's nothing wrong with choosing healthier options for Easter especially when it's for your family's sake. And who says fruits are boring?

Kids definitely love strawberries, cherries, and mixed berries because of their color and taste. Fruits can be a wonderful Easter treat too.

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