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Mental Health: The 4 Benefits of Nature

Mental Health: The 4 Benefits of Nature

By Reena Enjambre | | Benefits of Nature, HEALTH, Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy options, Mental Health, Mental Health Awareness Month, miracle in the green, MiracleInTheGreen, Nature

Mental Health has been taboo for a long time because of the lack of data and information about it. Mentally ill people get stigmatized and often called "crazy" or "lunatics" or other synonymous words with that because a lot of people don't understand the case. 

Awareness is the problem. Hence, mental health organizations and advocates are really trying hard to raise awareness about it to break the stigma, to avoid the misconception, to nurture other people's minds about it. 

This mental health awareness month. We want to help raise awareness with regards to mental health. What is mental health? Let's us define it. 

Mental health is our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. It is the foundation of individual wellbeing; the mental wellbeing in which one realizes his own abilities to cope with normal stresses in life, to be productive, and the ability to contribute to his community. It has a significant and big impact on a person's educational outcome, productivity of work, development of positive personal relationships, crime rate, physical health, and lastly, to quality of life. 

Why is Mental Health important? 

As aforementioned, mental health is the foundation of an individual's wellbeing. It has a significant and big impact on a person's educational outcome, productivity of work, development of positive personal relationships, crime rate, physical health, and lastly, to quality of life. 

Physical and mental health are directly proportional with each other as it is proved that having mental illnesses can affect your physical health as well. It can even lead to a more fatal and chronic disease like heart and vascular diseases. 

Suffering from a mental illness can also affect a person's way of living and health behavior like eating habits, having no energy to exercise, being unable to sleep properly. Also, people who have mental illness are more prone to being an alcoholic and chain smoker. Thus, increasing the risk and percentage of being physically ill. 

The ability to socialize is also affected when undergoing mental illness, they often withdraw from others and would rather choose to be isolated from everyone which may lead to unemployment and broken relationships.  

However, each mental illness is different from the other. No two illnesses are the same, it is better to seek medical help if you experienced any of the signs. Do not be afraid to ask for help and open up. You are not alone in this fight.

In addition to that, nature can also be a great help to our mental health. It has a lot of benefits for our mental stability. 

What are the benefits of Nature to our Mental Health? 

As our technology advances, we also often spend too much time on our gadgets, scrolling through social media platforms, watching YouTube videos, and just surfing the internet. Be honest, how much time do you spend on social media everyday? 

Too much screen time on the screen can be deadly. A lack of time in the natural world, also known as "Nature Deprivation", due to hours spent on the screen--working, playing or just scrolling through social media--has been associated with depression. Some studies also associate screen time with loss of empathy and lack of altruism. 

Going out, having just a stroll at the park, hiking to the wilderness--exposure to nature in general leads to a lot of benefits like improving our focus and attention, reduces our stress, uplifts our mood, reduces our risk of mental problems, and upticks empathy and cooperation. 

1. Nature Heals

Spending time outdoors has been known to be one of the key factors that help people cope with stress. Being in nature, or even just looking at some videos or scenes about nature, reduces anger, fear and stress. It releases a pleasant feeling. 

Exposure to nature not only makes you better emotionally, but also contributes to your physical wellbeing. Studies claim that it reduces blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and production of stress hormones. 

2. Nature Soothes

We are genetically programmed to find nature--trees and plants, water, and other nature elements--appealing and engrossing. Nature helps us cope with pain, being naturally fascinated with nature distracts us from our pain and discomfort.  

3. Nature Restores

Research shows that people who are more connected with nature are usually happier in life and more likely to say their lives are worthwhile. This is because nature can generate positive emotions like calmness, joy, and creativity. Furthermore, nature can also facilitate concentration which helps refresh us for new tasks. 

Most people say their mood improved and uplifted after being exposed or spending time outdoors, changing from sad, stressed and anxious to more calm and balanced.  

4. Nature Connects

Nature makes us feel connected to a larger world aside from being connected to each other. 

As we often use green spaces like the park to meet and socialize with others like having a picnic, playing sports, or even just going for a stroll. Also, part of the brain associated with empathy and love lit up when being exposed to nature or even just by viewing nature. Hence, people who are more exposed to nature have a stronger bond and feelings of unity with others and are more concerned with helping and supporting each other which can really help those experiencing with mental illnesses to not feel alone and abandoned. 

These 4 benefits of nature are based and inspired from an article posted by the University of Minnesota. Read the full article here

Nature is everywhere, it is very accessible and has a lot of benefits to our wellbeing as a whole. Most people say when everything's turning upside down, being connected to nature makes them feel less worried or anxious. Others also say that nature gives them positive emotions and peace of mind. We, the MIRACLE IN THE GREEN TEAM, as people who believe in the miracles of greens, agree to this as well.


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