Is your skin ready for fall? The fall season is upon us and you’ve got to get your skin ready. Hydration is key in the fall season so here are some tips to help you get started.

  • Try a thicker moisturizer
  • Swap your body oil for body lotion
  • Cutdown on exfoliating
  • Invest in a humidifier
  • Swap Gel Cleanser for a Hydrating Cleanser
  • Do more sugar lip treatments
  • Add a cleansing oil like this one … Moringa Cleansing Oil

And one final reminder…

Don’t Go Overboard on the Products

Isn’t this medicine cabinet just lovely? As much as we love various skincare products. The truth is you don’t need to use so many products. You don’t need to exfoliate every day and perform so many acts of skin cell turnover at one time. Using too many products at once, can wear down the skin’s barrier function and cause a ton of surface dryness. It can also drain your bank account.  Scale back, and pepper different products throughout the week or month so you don’t accidentally wake up one morning a faceless (we’re just kidding).