The new Quinoa

Introducing Moringa

The new Quinoa


A plant containing vitamins, minerals and nutrients unparalled. It’s the new Quinoa. Use in your tea daily. 

Miracle in the Green is America’s pioneer in moringa brands.

Miracle in the Green’s 100% Moringa Powder is made to our exacting standards. Green, fresh and unparalled in quality. Our Moringa is rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients such as iron, calcium for stronger bones, and potassium. The protein contained in our moringa is a whole protein. A whole protein is a source of protein that contains an adequate proportion of all nine of the essential amino acids necessary for your dietary needs.

Miracle in the Green Moringa is my energy resource. I’ve have been taking it for many years and it helps me work long hours without getting tired. It serves as a supplemental nutrition when I don’t have time to eat. It has kept me strong through the entire day. I am excited about the new blends that will be out soon. I love the peppermint blend the best. Can’t live without this food.

Dr. Obi


I used to use the capsules but there’s so little in them to make any difference. The Miracle in the Green Powder is the bomb! It’s green, clean and fresh. It get into your system fast as you feeling it kick in within minutes. Gives you a boost of strength to get through the day. Goodbye coffee. Miracle in the Green Moringa for me is the new coffee.


I add three spoons in water and add stevia. I sip in while I read a book in the evenings. I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling mighty strong and ready for my BUSY BUSY job. I have my dogs on this too. Get rid of your sugary drinks that do nothing for you and get in on the moringa miracle. Thank you Miracle in the Green.


I came across this product by accident. It’s completely changed my life. My eyes are brighter, my focus is sharper. Something happened to me and I am just more alert overall. Thank-you Miracle in the Green.


Our Story

Ify Nwobi, JD is the Founder and CEO of Miracle in the Green, Inc. In 2010, She was in her final year of law school when she was diagnosed with cancer. During her treatment, her energy levels plummeted. her school counselor advised that she postpone school. Her parents who live in Nigeria sought alternative ways to help her gain back her energy. Thanks to FedEx, they were able to send her numerous herbs from Nigeria. One of them was Moringa Oleifera.