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We founded Miracle in the Green to spread wellness to people’s lives in the same way that Moringa brought wellness to ours. When Founder and CEO Ify Nwobi was in her final year of law school, she was diagnosed with cancer. Her energy levels plummeted during treatment, so much so that she was advised to postpone school. But Ify was determined to keep striving for both her health and her dreams. She sought alternative ways to reclaim her energy, and found it in an unexpected care package from her parents in Nigeria: an herb called Moringa Oleifera. Coincidentally, her grandparents fed Moringa to the goat without realizing the miraculous nutritional profile in this plant.

She began using Moringa daily. She felt her energy and strength come back. With its super high concentration of about 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, and all eight essential amino acids, Moringa helped provide Ify’s body with the optimum nutrition it needed to continue healing during the months of treatment ahead. 

Ify emerged from this experience with a new resolve and sense of purpose: to provide those who need it (Moringa) with access to the highest quality, affordable, and reliable Moringa Powder, which she re-branded as Oringaa, for energy and vitality. Using the potent oil found in Moringa seeds, she formulated a baby care and beauty collection that nourishes the skin. Today, we are proud to call these oil and powder products the signature of Miracle in the Green. 

Five years later, Ify hasn’t stopped preaching the good news of Moringa. She has taken it a step further founding Miracle in the Green to help others access quality, affordable and reliable Moringa Powder and Moringa Oil.

All healed up and ready to conquer the world, Ify started a Moringa revolution among her friends and family. Through Miracle in the Green, she now wants you to hear her story and drink Moringa daily for vitality, youthfulness and most importantly energy. Ify has a degree in Economics from Wesleyan University and studied Law at New York Law School. She lives in Orlando, Florida with her wonderful husband and four adorable kids.

I used to use the capsules but there’s so little in them to make any difference. The Miracle in the Green Powder is the bomb! It’s green, clean and fresh. It get into your system fast as you feeling it kick in within minutes. Gives you a boost of strength to get through the day. Goodbye coffee. Miracle in the Green Moringa for me is the new coffee.


I add three spoons in water and add stevia. I sip in while I read a book in the evenings. I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling mighty strong and ready for my BUSY BUSY job. I have my dogs on this too. Get rid of your sugary drinks that do nothing for you and get in on the moringa miracle. Thank you Miracle in the Green.


I came across this product by accident. It’s completely changed my life. My eyes are brighter, my focus is sharper. Something happened to me and I am just more alert overall. Thank-you Miracle in the Green.


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